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Desecrators of Jewish Graves in the Vinnytsa Oblast

29.04.2013    source:

The Vinnytsa Regional Police believe they have identified three young people responsible for smashing 66 graves in the old Jewish cemetery in the village of Dzhurin in the Sharhorodsk District

The local Jewish community reported the desecration to the police who, according to the latter, identified the culprits in a matter of hours. These are apparently one 18-year-old young man, and two 14-year-olds.

The lads say that going through the graveyard, they decided to test how strong the gravestones were.  They damaged one, then got into it, and started smashing others, counting their “trophies”.  The police report says that they continued doing this for several days before being noticed by local residents.

A criminal case has been initiated over desecration of graves, with the penalties from a fine to a three-year sentence.

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