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Vasylkiv: Procedural violations could have affected election results

03.06.2013 |

Oleksandr Chernenko, Head of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has told Interfax Ukraine that although CVU did not identify election fraud during the elections for Mayor of Vasylkiv (Kyiv oblast) on Sunday, he believes it possible that procedural infringements during both the voting and the vote count could have influenced the election outcome.

“There was no rigging of the protocols, however there were procedural infringements, and their influence on the result needs to be assessed considering that the gap is not so great.”

He said that at present the Party of the Regions candidate Volodymyr Sabadash gained the most votes, but the difference between his 3 thousand 403 and the UDAR candidate Serhiy Sabov’s three thousand 158 is indeed small.  Chernenko stressed that the police must investigate all cases involving irregularities.

“The elections were not straightforward – both during the voting and the vote count we saw certain procedural infringement s  Two attempts to add ballot papers at two polling stations were recorded; at certain polling stations journalists or observers were ejected from the election commission premises. However on the whole there were both observers and deputies present at the polling stations”. 

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