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Court bans Stop Censorship peaceful protest outside Mezhyhirya


For the third year in a row the court has restricted people’s right to peaceful assembly near the President’s controversial residence at Mezhyhirya.

The Kyiv District Administrative Court has banned the civic movement Stop Censorship’s planned protest action on Journalist Day – 6 June.  The court ruling was issued by Judge Svitlana Kharchenko in response to an application from the Head of Novi Petrivtsi (the neighbouring village).

This time the court claimed that five days was not sufficient for the local authorities to prepare for the protest. According to Artem Sokolenko, who represented Stop Censorship in court, the police had also asserted that the protest would endanger safety, claiming that it would obstruct traffic.

Stop Censorship is planning to appeal against the ban.

As reported, journalists have now tried for three years to gather outside Mezhyhirya to remind Yanukovych of the promise he has not kept to show journalists the resistance which has effectively been privatized although once a State residence.

Please see Protecting the President’s Patch for information about the pretexts for the bans last year and the year before.  

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