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Zaporizhya court bans private expression of opinion


The Zhovtnevy District Court in Zaporizhya has issued a ruling prohibiting a Zaporizhya journalist from even talking about the municipal enterprise Vodokanal even in private conversations.

At the end of May Bohdan Vasylenko published an article about Vodokanal in the newspaper Subbota plus. It described numerous alleged financial infringements at the municipal enterprise.

Vodokonal went to court demanding a retraction.  The court at the beginning of this week allowed the suit and not only ordered the paper to make an official retraction, but prohibited the newspaper and its editors from disseminating in any way, including conversations what the court deemed false information.

The court appears to have prohibited Vasylenko from expressing his own person views and suppositions regarding spending of public funding in private conversations, as well as expressing his personal opinion regarding the management of Vodokanal.

Vasylenko asserts that Judge Skolzneva issued this ruling to order and points out that there is no such concept in law as “a court ban on speaking”.

He says that he has no intention of complying with the ban.

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