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Cherkasy CVU warns of possible vote-buying setups

24.06.2013    source:
While the lack of a law on the re-elections and an official start to the campaign, there is no way of stopping such behaviour which raises concern already about the fairness of the coming re-election

The Cherkasy Regional Branch of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has issued a statement which highlights the urgent need for proper electoral legislation.  It says that voters in the No. 194 single-mandate electoral district have been approached by people who offered money for voting for a particular candidate at the re-run of the elections due. The amounts offered are not small 0 from 200 to 500 UAH.

CVU points out that since the Verkhovna Rada has not yet adopted a law on the re-elections and the beginning of the election campaign has not been announced, such actions cannot be touched. In formal terms, if there aren’t any elections, then there’s no bribing of voters.

CVU however points out that the moves are nonetheless disturbing and stresses that such activities could have impact on the outcome of the re-election due in the coming months.

It will be scrutinizing all infringements during the elections and giving the appropriate assessment.  It calls on candidates to desist from such dishonest dealings, and for voters to join CVU in recording all infringements. For this purpose it has created an interactive map of infringements ( and a facebook page which people can become involved in. 

CVU adds that its lawyers are analysing the situation and drawing up methods for legal response to such behaviour.  

See Cherkasy election district results remain in limbo for information about the concerns about the vote count at No. 194

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