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SBU claims Russian photographer refused entry „in the interests of the state”

A spokeswoman for Ukraine’s Security Service told protesters that Yury Barabash had been refused entry to Ukraine where he has been living for the last five years “in the interests of the State”. 

A number of journalists and others had gathered outside the SBU on Tuesday demanding an explanation for the removal of Barabash from the train to Ukraine from Russia.

The spokeswoman said that they do not provide more details, but that Barabash may appeal the decision in which case the SBU will give a more detailed explanation of their ban.

She denied the existence of any blacklist of people not allowed to enter the country, and claimed that the ban was not linked with Barabash’ political or professional activities.

As reported, Yury Barabash, photographer and Russian national, working for a Ukrainian publishing company in Ukraine, was on 15 July stopped from returning to Ukraine. The ban is until 2018. 

Yury Barabash has been an active critic of the current regime. He has often photographed street protests and was among the people detained during a demonstration on Independence Square to mark the 8th anniversary of the Orange Revolution.

New information and the photo from Ukrainska Pravda

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