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CVU: Donetsk MPs not worried about keeping election promises


According to the Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU], during the first six months of the Verkhovna Rada’s work, MPs voted in under the single mandate [majoritarian] system were not bothered about fulfilling their electoral promises and spent time successfully lobbying their interests.

The results of a study of the Donetsk regional deputy corps carried out by the Donetsk Regional Branch of the CVU together with the civic network OPORA are not cheering.  Most MPs who were elected in single mandate election districts did not give any specific promises to voters. Those who did are not bothering about carrying them out.

Abstract programme – abstract responsibility

Serhiy Tkachenko, head of the Donetsk branch of CVU says that in the vast majority of cases MPs from single mandate election district have the most abstract programme. Those who were standing for the first time mainly promised to resolve local issues and reduce housing and communal services charges. Other popular promises concerned improving the environmental situation and creating new jobs. Although it is too early to draw any final conclusions, trends can be seen already. It stands out that MPs’ legislative activities are little in keeping with those promises, and most of their time is spent lobbying their business interests and for the removal of their competitors.

Not one MP took up CVU’s invitation to a discussion of the results of the study. Only one responded, saying that he would be abroad at the time. Voters, he says, are of interest to them only during the elections.

From a report at Deutsche Welle Ukrainian Service


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