Thugs still fully deployed

21.08.2013 |

Ukrainska Pravda reports that some of the young thugs involved in the confrontation  on 19 August outside the Kyiv City Council have taken part in many prominent seizures of property as well as fights at rallies.  A video has been posted on the Internet by user  Sich Ukraine

The author of the video asserts that from 6.30 a.m. these thugs began gathering outside the Kyiv Council.  He says that among them were people who fought with members of the opposition on 18 May; took part in a fight with residents and activists on Mayakovsky – 4, Tverskaya and Serafimovych St.  He says that as well as people from Kyiv, they recognize hired thugs from sports clubs in Irpin and Buch.

Ukrainska Pravda then reminds readers that on from early Monday more people from the Party of the Regions blocked all entrances to the Kyiv City State Administration where the much disputed session of the Kyiv Council was to take place.  They did not let any members of the opposition through.

The Party of the Regions claimed that the 200 “sportsmen” outside the Kyiv Council on Monday were brought there by VO Svoboda to organize provocation and then blame the government for it.

The Party of the Regions has made similar claims about the events on 18 May when journalist Olha Snitsarchuk and photographer husband were physically assaulted by Serhiy Titushko and his mates (this contradicts with testimony from witnesses see 

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