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Daryna Radchenko fined for defending her mother


Raisa Radchenko during the court hearing on 15 July 

Daryna Radchenko has been fined for trying to stop her perfectly healthy and sane civic activist mother from being placed in a psychiatric hospital and subjected to “treatment” against her will.  

On 21 August the Leninsky District Court in Zaporizhya found the daughter of civic activist Raisa Radchenko guilty and fined her 8 times the minimum wage before tax, or 136 UAH. The ruling was passed by Judge Natalya Nikitenko who, without explanation, refused to let journalists into the courtroom.  Journalists have made a complaint over this to the Head of the Court. 

Daryna Radchenko was charged with obstructing the actions of police officers who were forcing her mother into the hands of orderlies from the regional psychiatric hospital.  The police drew up a protocol over what they alleged was resisting the police.

Daryna Radchenko’s lawyer Maryna Zakharova is outraged and plans to appeal the ruling.  She says that the video recording shows that Daryna Radchenko did nothing wrong.  She has still, however, not been able to get a copy of the video. 

Daryna Radchenko does not understand what she’s supposed to pay a fine for. She says that the police treated her roughly and that the bruises and other injuries inflicted on her and her 5-year-old son were recorded by medical staff and journalists cameras. 

As reported, this same court on 11 July ordered that 70-year-old civic activist Raisa Radchenko be forcibly taken for treatment to the Zaporizhya Regional Psychiatric Hospital.  On 15 July, despite the objections of Raisa Radchenko, her daughter, lawyer and other civic activists, and a highly questionable “diagnosis”, the same court agreed to her forced confinement.  

Following widespread protest, including from Amnesty International, the Human Rights Ombudsperson sent a team to Zaporizhya which on 17 July reported that Raisa Radchenko did not seem to require hospital care.   A delegation was sent by the Health Ministry which found that she had made such a remarkable “recovery”, that she could be sent home.

On Thursday 8 August, the Zaporizhya Regional Court of Appeal quashed the lower court ruling.  More details here:

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