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Young man dies in police detention

On Sunday Sept. 29, at around 16.00, Dmitry Pozdeev, a 19-year-old from Dnipropetrovsk died either at the Kommunarsky District Police Station or shortly after leaving it.

On Sunday Sept. 29, at around 16.00, Dmitry Pozdeev, a 19-year-old man from Dnipropetrovsk died shortly after leaving the Kommunarsky District Police Station if the police are to be believed, or at the police station, according to reports citing the ambulance staff..

The website cites an unnamed source in the police for its information, as yet unconfirmed or commented upon.  The young man was suspected of theft. The police source gives more detail about the young man’s alleged offences, then says that “he became unwell not far from the police station when he was returning from taking part in investigative activities. He was collected by an ambulance but died on the way to the hospital. They say from heart failure”.

The doctors, however, assert that they pronounced the young man dead when they arrived to a call at the police station.

Doctors told unofficially that their colleagues had attempted to resuscitate him but without success.  “They say there were no obvious signs of beating on the deceased man’s body”.  They assert, however, that the police wouldn’t let the ambulance team go for an hour, demanding that they wrote in their records that the young man had died in the ambulance, not before their arrival.

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