MPs adopt bill which could push Klitschko out of the presidential race


On Thursday the ruling majority adopted a legislative amendment which could prevent Vitaly Klitschko from standing for president.  With Yulia Tymoshenko’s prosecution having pushed her out of politics, Klitschko is presently the most popular rival to the current president making this move immensely disturbing. Klitschko responded on Thursday by announcing that he would be standing for election in 2015. reports that Speaker Rybak, without any discussion, called a vote in its second reading of a draft bill with amendments to the Tax Code.   He claimed that this was because MPs were not listening to the person speaking, but were demanding a revote on amendments made to the 2013 Budget because some MPs had used other MPs cards to vote for the amendments.

The relevant amendment to the Tax Code states that if a person pays taxes in another country, he can be considered a resident of the other country, which would therefore prevent him standing for president in Ukraine, since there is a 10-year residential requirement. 

There appears to be some intrigue as to who put forward this amendment, but it was voted for by 239 MPs’ cards. 

Worth noting that the media have on a number of occasions discussed whether there would be attempts to prevent Klitschko from standing, arguing that he has not been resident in Ukraine long enough.  This tax amendment is clearly aimed at removing any argument. 

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