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Cherkasy authorities ban EuroMaidan "to safeguard the will of the people"


Cherkasy’s Acting Mayor claims that protests in support of European integration and supposed “serious provocation” could obstruct the course of the election re-run on 15 December. The ban obtained runs to 25 January next year

The Cherkasy City Council has banned peaceful demonstrations in the centre of the centre, citing without any specific evidence “serious provocation during mass events in the centre”.  The Acting Mayor Viktor Bilousov claimed that this could obstruct the course of the election campaign (for one of the 5 re-runs from the parliamentary elections) and people’s free expression of their electoral choice.

This does not explain why the first instance court, presumably on the basis of an application from the Council banned any peaceful gatherings on the city’s central squares from 26 November 2013 to 25 January 2014.  The re-runs are scheduled for 15 December

The authorities’ response to the EuroMaidan demonstrations thus far:

Blanket bans

The authorities’ response to the EuroMaidan demonstrations thus far:

Blanket bans

Cherkasy  - ban on protests in the central squares of the city from 26 November to 25 January 2014

Luhansk – the ban was imposed on 26 November and will run through 14 January 2014.

Dnipropetrovsk: 26 November (

Mykolaiv – the ban is until Orthodox Christmas (7 January 2014),

Odessa is not far behind with the ban until New Year (see: Odessa EuroMaidan: Heavy-handed measures by police and their questionable back-up

Kharkiv Mayor Kernes’’ attempt at a directive, on the grounds of a supposed flu epidemic, attempting to ban all mass events does not count since a court order is needed  (Kharkiv Mayor uses flu as pretext to ban EuroMaidan)

No tents (and other “small architectural forms”)

Kyiv:   District Administrative Court in Kyiv, 21 Nov  (ban until 7 January 2014)

Lviv:   District Administrative Court, 23 Nov (ban until 29 Nov)

Chernihiv: Chernihiv Administrative Court, 25 Nov  (see

The list is unfortunately likely to be extended (and may not be full)

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