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UCU declares Policy of Civil Disobedience


Following the use of force against peaceful protesters on EuroMaidan, the community of the Ukrainian Catholic University [UCU] has announced a policy of civil disobedience with respect to the president and his government.  Together with EuroMaidan and, they believe, all the Ukrainian people, they demand the immediate resignation of the present government, the formation of an interim government and early elections.

In their Declaration  they write that during last night human blood was once again spilled, with invaders yet again savagely attacking peaceful demonstrators.  Human Rights Day was turned into a day of brutality against peaceful people.

President Yanukovych, the declaration reads, has learned nothing, and he and his government are choking in the sense of their own impunity and apparent power.

The Declaration in full

Declaration by the Ukrainian Catholic University of Civil Disobedience

Last night in Kyiv human blood was spilled again. Brutal invaders again attacked peaceful demonstrators. Human Rights Day turned into the Day of Cruelty Against Peaceful People.

President Yanukovych has not learned anything. No one has persuaded him and nothing has stopped him. He and his government are choking in their own impunity and ostensible power. Even the scant opportunity for dialogue that the people gave him was trampled on.

This terrible night of Euromaidan, if not for the heroic opposition of the demonstrators, would have been in line with St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and the Night of Broken Glass. After this night, to follow the orders of the government would be contrary to human conscience. When from the Maidan dozens of innocent people, beaten, were taken in police vans to an unknown destination, President Yanukovych stopped being the President of Ukraine and his cronies, the government of our country.

The community of the Ukrainian Catholic University declares civil disobedience against the president and his government and, together with the Euromaidan and – we believe – all the Ukrainian people, seeks the immediate resignation of the current government, the formation of an interim government, and the declaration of early elections for all governmental bodies.

We urge all universities in Ukraine to make this only possible decision.

We urge the international community not only in words but in deeds to support the Ukrainian people.

We bow our heads in deep respect to the defenders of Euromaidan. You defended the dignity and honor of Ukraine. Thank you!

And together with the bishops of the Synod of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, “we pray to the Almighty for peace, unity, justice, and victory of truth in our nation.

“In the midst of these trials let the words of Jesus Christ, which were heard in all our churches on Sunday, support us: ‘Fear not, only believe, and she shall be saved’ (Luke 8:50).”

Adopted at a UCU general assembly
December 11, 2013

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