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Police pressure on AutoMaidan organizer


The AutoMaidan car rally to Mezhyhirya, Dec 29 2013

Dmytro Bulatov, organizer of the AutoMaidan car rallies which are part of the EuroMaidan protests, has again been summoned by the police, after being told that the case in which he was supposed to be a witness had been closed.

Bulatov writes on the AutoMaidan Facebook site that he got a call from an investigator at the chief office on Volodymyrska St who asked him to come in for questioning.  Bulatov insisted on receiving a proper summons and told him to contact his lawyer, Dmytro Yovdiy.  

The first summons was reported by Yovdiy on Sunday, Dec 29.  He expressed the view that Bulatov was only nominally being summoned for questioning as a witness in an investigation into the blooking of roads near the Kyiv City State Administration.  In fact, he asserted, the police investigators’ real interest was the car rallies to the president’s controversial mansion at Mezhyhirya which Bulatov organizes. 

Yovdiy stressed that since the amnesty law had come into effect, any criminal proceedings over the said blocking of the roads needed to be terminated.

Bulatov arrived at the investigator’s office on Monday only to be told that the case had either been terminated or passed to the Prosecutor’s office.  

This was one of the first in a whole series of attempts at intimidation of people involved in the car rallies to Mezhyhirya, as well as the homes of the interior minister, Vitaliy Zakharchenko, the prime minister Mykola Azarov and others.  More details here: Traffic police deployed against EuroMaidan protesters

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