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Journalists summoned to traffic police over protest at Mezhyhirya


Several journalists who took part in a picket of the president’s highly controversial residence at Mezhyhirya on Dec 29 have received summonses to the traffic police.

On Jan 10 journalist from the Institute for Mass Information, Iryna Chulivska was summoned for the next day to have a protocol drawn up regarding a supposed administrative offence and temporary confiscation of her driving licence.  She told Telekritika that she didn’t go.  The summons arrived less than a day before the stipulated time, and she wasn’t even in Lviv that day. “Secondly, the summons did not say what exactly I was supposed to have infringed, or when, or where, and which car I was supposed to have been driving”.  She says that at present she doesn’t plan to do anything.

Her car was twice stopped by the traffic police last week coming into Kyiv on the supposed grounds that the car was on their search list, yet they let her go both times without any explanation.

A journalist from the Internet publication Our Kyiv also reports on facebook that such a summons has been received.  Our Kyiv is currently consulting with a lawyer so does not wish to make any comment.  They didn’t go to the traffic police meeting since the owner of the car was on a business trip. “In the near future we plan to through the whole corrupt set up of the given summons. We will be publishing the results as they come”.

Iryna Slavinska has not yet received a summons, but was telephoned on Jan 6, supposedly from the traffic police.  She refused to give any statement without a summons, and has still received nothing.

In the first days of the new year, Ukrainska Pravda journalist Oksana Kovalenko, as well as journalist Tetyana Shtan were summoned to the traffic police. Shtan went and a protocol was drawn up and her driving licence taken away. 

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