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Where is AutoMaidan leader Dmytro Bulatov?


Despite obvious grounds for concern over the disappearance a week ago of prominent AutoMaidan leader Dmytro Bulatov, the police appear to be doing nothing.  AutoMaidan lawyer Dmytro Yovdiy told Ukrainska Pravda that he has approached the Security Service [SBU] and asked them to help look for Bulatov since a week has passed, yet the police have not taken any action.

He adds that despite the fact that Bulatov’s phone was turned on for quite some time after he disappeared, and probably went off simply because the battery ran down, the police have not even obtained a list of telephone calls from the mobile operator. Nor have they used technical measures aimed at establishing his whereabouts based on phone calls from his number.

They have also not ascertained whether he left Ukraine which is crucial information for establishing the reasons for his disappearance.

As reported here, Bulatov was last seen in the evening of Jan 22.  His disappearance coincided with a deliberate ambush of AutoMaidan activists who were tricked by a fake call for help.

Although Bulatov had been in hiding, he kept in contact by telephone.  The reasons for concern are clear, given the fate of one other person – Yury Verbytsky – who was abducted from hospital and found dead in the Boryspil Forest  

There has certainly been difficulty in finding where individual AutoMaidan or EuroMaidan activists have been taken after most were subjected to beatings.  The courts have been supporting far-fetched accusations and remanding activists in detention.  By now, if Bulatov has been detained, then the police are surely concealing his whereabouts deliberately.  

(Halya Coynash)
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