war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

In Remembrance of those who died on Maidan


Information about unarmed protesters who died, most from bullets aimed at them by Berkut snipers. Please share the information and photos of people, some very young, whom the government labelled "terrorists" and "extremists" and killed

Вічна пам’ять    Eternal Memory

  22-year-old Vladislav Zubenko died in hospital on Feb 28 from bullet wounds received on Institutska St on Feb 20.  Vladislav, who was from Kharkiv, was shot in the stomach and the bullet also penetrated his kidneys.  He had been transferred to a dialysis machine and Diamant Bank had contributed almost 19 thousand UAH for his treatment.  Tragically, the money will now be spent on his funeral.    Vladislav was to have turned 23 in April. 

   Dmytro Maximov, who won silver and bronze medals in judo for Ukraine at the 2013 Deaflympics in Sofia, Bulgaria, died defending his country in another way. 19-year-old Dmytro went together with a sportsman friend to Maidan Nezalezhnosti on Feb 18. When the shooting began, he was hit by a grenade which blew off his arm. He was taken to the Trade Union House, but died from loss of blood. His body lay for several days in Mykhailivsky Sobor

  17-year-old Nazar Voitovych, a student from Ternopil was killed on 20 February. He had come to Kyiv to meet his father, but was shot dead by a Berkut sniper.  He was his parents’ only son. 

One of the victims of last week’s shooting, Viktor Mykhailovych Shvets was a retired police officer who went to Maidan on Feb 18, as he put it, “to protect the young people”.  He set off for Maidan at around 4 p.m. on Feb 18, then rang his family at around 11 that evening and said that all was well. At 4 a.m. on Feb 19 his wife received a telephone call telling her that he had died. He was probably taken wounded to the emergency care hospital, but then to the Shevchenkivsk District Police Station where they undressed him and sent his body to the morgue. He was registered as a police officer since he had his police pensioner ID on him, however he was in fact one of the people taking part in the protests. He had been shot two (or three) times in the chest. 

20-year-old Roman Huryk from Ivano-Frankivsk was a philosophy student at the Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University. He was an only child and only grandchild.   He had taken an active role in the EuroMaidan protests and his last post on the social network VKontakte was dated Feb 18: “Now or never. All onto Hrushevsky St. To the death”. 

Roman was killed on 18 February by a sniper’s bullet.  The surgeon called him a young man whose eyes burned with the longing to live.  He had been shot in the head and his wound and blood loss were too serious to save him. 

   A huge number of residents of Khmelnytski came out to bid farewell to 72-year-old Ludmila Sheremet who was killed by automatic rifle fire from inside the Security Service building in Khmelnytski on Feb 19.  The distressing video of the shooting was posted on the Internet shortly afterwards.  It came at a time when there were harrowing images of unarmed protesters being shot and killed in Kyiv, but was the first time officials had shot and killed a person outside the capital.  

Ludmila Sheremet worked as an anaesthetist.  The shots on Feb 19 were so unexpected that for a few seconds nobody understood what had happened.  They ran back to where Ludmila Sheremet was lying, shot in the head.  She died in hospital on Feb 22.  

  32-year-old father of two from Novoyavorivsk Lviv oblast, Vitaly Kotsyuba died on Feb 20 from a sniper’s bullet on Maidan in Kyiv.

  Andriy Chernenko, 35 years old, from Kyiv. His seven-month—old daughter’s little hand can be seen in this photo. He was killed on 19 February

  25-year-old David Kipiani was found near the barricades close to TsUM [the Central Department Store] with two gunshot wounds.  He died in the ambulance at around 1 a.m. on Feb 21.  He leaves a one-year-old son. 

Serhiy Baidovsky, 23, from Lutsk.  Died of a gunshot wound to the lung, on February 20, 2014

    Ustym Holodnyuk, 20 years old. from Zbarazh (Ternopil oblast) volunteer for the Democratic Alliance.  He died in the Ukraina Hotel on February 20, 2014, after being shot in the head, almost certainly by a sniper

 Serhiy Kemsky, 34 years old, from Kerch, a graduate of Lviv National University.  He was against violence and a supporter of direct democracy. 

   Oleksandr Khrapachenko, 27 years old, a theatre director from Rivne.  Died from a sniper’s bullet on 20 February 2014

   Oleh Ushnevych, 1982, Drohobych.  Killed on February 20, 2014 

   Oleksandr Plekhanov, 22 years old, student of architecture. Killed on 18 February

Andriy Movchan, 34 years old, from Kyiv, worked in the Ivan Franko Theatre, member of the Democratic Alliance.  He died from a bullet to the head on 20 February

Ihor Kostenko, 22 years old, a geography student from Lviv. He was killed on 20 February

Bohdan Solchanyk, 28 years old, from Stary Sambir, Lviv oblast; lecturer of Ukrainian History at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Killed on 20 February

33-year-old Maxim Shymko from Vinnytsa

Ivan Blyok (Tur), 40-year-old private businessman from Horodok, Kyiv oblast. Killed by a sniper on 20 February. Ivan was married, with a daughter and small son

Georgy Aratunyan, 51, from Rivne. Killed on 20 February.  The Kyiv Armenian Community writes that Georgy Vaharkashovych’s wife died two years ago, and his little 3-year-old daughter is now an orphan

Serhiy Bondarev 1981 - 18 February 2014, worked as a programmer for GlobalLogic, and had been coming to Maidan in the evenings to help erect the barricades.  Serhiy’s wife, Svitlana is carrying their child

Viktor Chmilenko, 1961, village of Borysivka, Kirovohrad oblast, a farmer. Killed by a sniper on 20 February

Volodymyr Zherebny, 29, from Rudky, Lviv oblast. He died on 20 February from a sniper’s bullet

Mykola Dzyvulsky, 1958 – 20 February 2014, from Sheptivka, Khmelnytski oblast, a teacher of geography and biology. Killed by a sniper’s bullet on Institutska St in the centre of Kyiv

29-year-old Oleksandr Kapinos from the village of Dunayiv, Ternopil oblast, , activist of the VO Svoboda party. Killed on 18 February

  Serhiy Bondarchuk, 53, Starokostyantyniv, Khmelnytsky Oblast

30-year-old Ihor Dmytriv was from Kopanky, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast; he arrived in Kyiv with 7other people from his town on Feb 18 and died in hospital after being shot in the lung by a police sniper on 20 February

  33-year-old Yevhen Kotlyar was killed in gunfire on 20 February near the Khreshchatyk metro station.  He had come to Kyiv to join the barricades on Feb 17. Yevhen was active in Kharkiv’s Zeleny Front [Green Front] and in the campaign back in 2010 against the felling of trees in Gorky Park

   50-year-old Valery Brezdenyuk from Zhmerynka (Vinnytsa oblast) died on Maidan on 18 February after being shot in the back. Valery Brezdenyuk was best known for his unique artwork which can be seen here:

Viacheslav Veremiy, journalist from the Vesti newspaper died in hospital early in the morning of 20 February. He and a colleague were returning from work when masked titushki attacked them and the taxi driver. Viacheslav, who had only just returned to work after being injured on Hrushevsky St on Jan 20 was shot in the chest

    Volodymyr Naumov, 43, Dobropillia Rayon, Donetsk Oblast

  36-year-old Vitaliy Vasyltsov from Bila Tserkva, Kyiv Oblast was a garden designer.  He was shot in the stomach from the Interior Ministry building on Feb 18 

Roman Varenytsia, 35, Yavoriv Rayon, Lviv Oblast

Roman Tochyn, 45, Khodoriv, Lviv Oblast

Eduard Hrynevych, 29, Volyn Oblast

Anatoliy Zhalovaha, 34, Lviv

Volodymyr Zakharov, 57,

Antonina Dvorianets, 62, Brovary, Kyiv Oblast

Andriy Dygdalovych

Serhiy Didych, 44, Horodenka, Ivano Frankivsk Oblast

Volodymyr Kishchuk, 58, Zaporizhia Oblast

Andriy Korchak, Stryj, Lviv Oblast

Ivan Kreman, Kremenchuk, Poltava Oblast

Volodymyr Kulchytsky, 65, Kyiv

Valeriy Opanasiuk, Rivne

Yuriy Parashchuk, 48, Kharkiv

Yuriy Paskhalin, 30, Cherkasy Oblast

Andriy Sayenko, 42, Fastiv, Kyiv Oblast

Vitaliy Smolynsky, Uman Rayon, Cherkasy Oblast

Igor Tkachuk, 39, Russia

Zurab Khurtsiya, 54

Vlad Chaplynsky, Obukhiv, Kyiv Oblast

Oleksandr Tsariok, Vasylkiv Rayon, Kyiv Oblast

Serhiy Shapoval, 45 (or 46), Kyiv

Yosyp Shyling, 61 (or 62)

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