Crimean “self-defence” against one fearless elderly lady


We have seen any number of shameful moments since Russia effectively invaded the Crimea two weeks ago.  Civic activists, journalists, a Ukrainian Greek Catholic priest have been abducted.  Some have been found and recount how they were beaten by their captors. The whereabouts of others remain unknown.  People have been set upon for carrying Ukrainian flags in the Crimea.  Violence, often deliberately provoked by local thugs and others specially brought in from Russia, has led to deaths in Donetsk and Kharkiv.  The list is much longer, and perhaps in the scale of things, the treatment of the elderly lady in the video below is not a major event.

It remains profoundly shameful.  Please watch and circulate this video of an elderly lady in Feodosia trying to make the Russian military servicemen understand the following:

“We don’t need to be defended from anybody.

I’m not afraid.

You understand, fear is the psychology of a slave. “

They shout her down and it is difficult to catch any more, except that she is told to get out, and that she is a “provocateur”.

And knocked down.

The video arouses revulsion and shame.  As well as respect and gratitude for the elderly lady - 82-year-old Nadia Mykolayivna Samoilova, a teacher of Russian language and literature for over half a century 


(Halya Coynash)




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