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Video shows abduction of murdered Crimean Tatar


Ukrainska Pravda has posted videos which show Reshat Ametov, whose body was found with signs of torture on March 15, being abducted from a picket in protest at the Russian occupation of the Crimea.

The video is extra evidence, however the initial report that Ametov was abducted when he set off for the military recruitment office had long been corrected by Reshat’s family.

On the video footage from the Crimean Tatar channel ATR, you can see Reshat standing silently on the square, without a placard. He is standing near the government building and over the entire half-hour of the video footage, does not move.

Another video shows how after a short scuffle, he was grabbed by men in camouflage gear and taken to a car. On the 9th minute of the video seen here: he can be seen being dragged from the square.

Near the car he tried to resist, but was forced into the car.

Reshat had written on facebook that he would be going to the Cabinet of Ministers building for a picket in protest.

He did not, however, tell his family where he was going.  They told Ukrainska Pravda that since he had taken his passport and card linked with the one off payment for the birth of a child they assumed he was going to the military recruitment office.

“Reshat was not politically active before. However he always demanded justice and had already held a protest”, his mother, Refika Ametova says.

He had apparently recently been interested in Mahatma Gandhi’s non-violent protest.

Reshat Ametov was 39 years old and had three young children.  The youngest is not yet 3 months old.


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