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Russian MPs want to imprison people for “infringements” during rallies


The placard reads: "Supporters of Putin: with him, you won’t speak in Russian, you will BE SILENT in Russian!

While Russia’s legislators ferment even stricter measures against peaceful assembly, pro-Russian protesters in Kerch (Crimea) cite Ukrainian law rather than repressive Russian restrictions in order to hold a demonstration “in support of Russia”

Deputies from Russia’s ruling United Russia Party have tabled a draft law which would seriously toughen penalties for “infringement of order” in holding or organizing public events.  Lawyers point out that the proposed penalties are tougher than for theft.

A person who has incurred administrative penalties more than twice in half a year could face imprisonment for up to 5 years for analogous actions.

The “United Russia” deputies propose to increase both fines and periods of administrative arrest. They claim that “citizens’ rights and freedoms need to be protected against actions caused by unauthorized meetings”.

Worth noting that repressive measures against peaceful assembly are already being attempted in the Crimea under Russian annexation.  On Sunday pro-Russian groups planning a rally were told by the police that under Russian legislation the rally could not take place since the required 10 days warning had not been given.  The pro-Russian protesters told the police officer that since he was still in Ukrainian uniform, they were not bound by the ban. 


Halya Coynash

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