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CVU issues list of undesirable election commission members


The Committee of Voters of Ukraine [CVU] has marked the beginning of the presidential election campaign by stressing the need to ensure that election commissions do not include people already implicated in electoral irregularities.  It has issued a list of people and explanation of the infringements they are believed to have committed through actions or failure to act. 

CVU notes that in the vast majority of cases where infringements were identified, no action against the offenders was taken.  It hopes that previous infringements will be investigated by the law enforcement bodies, and is now publishing the list to ensure that the same people are not given another chance to commit the same infringements.

The latter included: destroying ballot papers; handing ballot papers out to people without grounds; unwarranted tampering with the ballot papers by adding the word “withdrawn” by a candidate’s name; unsealing election documentation during its transportation and offences which fall under either the Code of Administrative Offences or the Criminal Code (Articles 157-159-1).

CVU stresses that its list is not comprehensive and invites members of the public to contact them with information about other alleged violators which they will check thoroughly. 

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