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Head of only Ukrainian school in Simferopol hounded out


Natalya Rudenko, head of the only Ukrainian lyceum in Simferopol and one of only 5  in the Crimea has been forced to resign under pressure from officials and the self-styled leader Sergei Aksenov’s vigilantes.

According to sources in the school’s administration, a demonstration was held on Thursday by a few dozen people who claimed to be parents of kids at the school, or the “self-defence” vigilantes.

Later the deputy mayor of Simferopol, Ilya Glazkov arrived to see Ms Rudenko, together with the head of the city’ education department. They apparently threatened to dismiss her, claiming that she had done something wrong, unless she agreed to write a letter of resignation “by mutual agreement”.

Earlier the “Crimean education minister” in the puppet government installed on Feb 27, Natalya Goncharova said in a talk show that there was an “internal arrangement” within the ministry to turn one of the best Ukrainian-language schools in the Crimea into a Russian-language lyceum.

There are around 500 Russian-language schools in the Crimea and were 5 Ukrainian-language, including that in Simferopol. 

Natalya Rudenko had been the head of the Simferopol lyceum since it opened in 1997.

As reported here, Russia has consistently claimed its aggression and ultimate annexation of the Crimea to have been in defence of ethnic Russians and Russian speakers.

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