Akhmetov’s miners go on strike


Miners at 5 Krasnodonugol coal mines in the Luhansk region belonging to billionaire Renat Akhmetov’s SCM [System Capital Management] company have begun a strike demanding an increase in wages.  According to one miner, Viacheslav, 80% of the miners have not gone to work and are instead storming Krasnodonugol.

The decision was taken in the afternoon of April 22 and the men on the night shift did not go to work.  The miners are not demanding anything excessive, only an increase in their wages to the average wage for the Donbas region [Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts].

Their wages are 6 thousand UAH, against 8=10 thousand for Donbas.  “We go down into the mine earlier, come out later, yet 6 thousand UAH is the absolute maximum.

One of the strikers stresses that they need publicity or else tomorrow they’ll all get the sack.

The miners have no other demands, but economic in conditions where prices in the city are increasing all the time and where they are so far behind the average wages in the region.

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