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Most Ukrainians view Russian influence as negative


In the latest Razumkov Centre survey, 73% of all Ukrainians regard Russia’s influence as bad, with only one in ten considering it positive.  52.5 % prioritize relations with the EU, against 16.8% with Russia

According to the latest Razumkov Centre survey more than 3 times more Ukrainian citizens named Ukraine’s main foreign policy priority as being relations with EU countries than prioritized contact with Russia.

52.5% prioritized relations with EU countries;  16.6% - contacts with Russia; and 6.8% with other countries of the CIS.

There were regional differences with the greatest support for cooperation with EU countries being in the West [85.9%] and Centre [67.2%].  In the South 31.6% prioritize contacts with the EU and 21.9% with Russia. 

In the East of Ukraine, however, a majority prioritized relations with Russia: 36.3% against those supporting contacts with EU countries [24.4%]

53.4% would support Ukraine’s joining the EU; 33.4% were against.  The Razumkov Centre notes that there was a clear divide here between West [88.2%] and Centre [66%] [and South and East where a majority would be against joining the EU [54.4% and 59.7%, respectively.]

There were varying assessments of the influence of particular countries and the EU.

The influence of the EU was most often seen as positive [48.5%] with 27.5% calling it negative.

39.2% saw US influence as positive; 31.8% - negative.

73.1% view Russia’s influence as negative. Only 10.3% considered it positive.

It is important to note here that the standard divide between West and Centre on the one hand, and South and East on the other was seen with respect to how the influence of the EU and USA was viewed, but a negative assessment of Russia’s influence prevailed throughout the country [from 97.4% in the West to 44.2% in the East.]

EU, Customs Union or neither

52.4% would favour joining the EU; 18% - the Customs Union; and 20.8% prefer non-allignment.

In the South 29.4% supported joining the EU; 24.3% - the Customs Union; and 35% - neither.

In the East 38% support joining the Customs Union; 25% - the EU.


Asked how they would vote in a referendum on joining NATO, 36.7% said that they would vote for, 41.6% - against.  There was again a geographical divide: 67% were in favour in the West; 46.9% in the Centre with 27.7% against.  Most people in the South and East were against [60% and 66.4% respectively.)

The survey was carried out from 25 to 29 April 2014 in all parts of Ukraine except the Crimea.

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