war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Another pro-Ukrainian activist disappears in the Crimea

33-year-old Simferopol resident Seiran Zinedinov has not been seen since Friday evening. He is the third pro-Ukrainian activist to have disappeared in the Crimea in just over a week

33-year-old Simferopol resident Seiran Zinedinov has not been seen since Friday evening.  Contact with him was lost shortly after he left relatives of Ukrainian Home activist Timur Shaimardanov who, as reported, disappeared on May 26. 

Zinedinov’s wife, Lenara explains that her husband and Shaimardanov met in spring in connection with the Russian invasion and subsequent annexation of the Crimea. They both took part in keeping guard outside Ukrainian military units and taking them food and cigarettes.

Shaimardanov’s family say that they met with Zinedinov around 8 p.m. and discussed the efforts underway to find Timur Shaimardanov.  Their meeting only lasted about 20 minutes.  Since that time there has been no contact with him.

This is the third disappearance of a pro-Ukrainian activist in just over a week.  Nothing has been heard of another Ukrainian Home activist, Leonid Korzh since May 22. This was reported by Shaimardanov on May 25  who expressed his concern over the disappearance to a group of activists.   

The following morning, Shaimardanov also left his home and did not return.  His partner says that he was planning to go to the Black Sear Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  There has been no contact with him since then.

There are real grounds for fearing that all three men have either been abducted or arrested. 

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