war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

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Ukraine’s Security Service cuts all cooperation with Russian FSB

Ukraine’s SBU informs that it is revoking all agreements on cooperation with Russia’s FSB [Federation Security Service] and law enforcement agencies due to the latter’s role in aggression against Ukraine, including the military annexation of the Crimea and measures to destabilize the situation in the east of Ukraine

Ukraine’s SBU informs that it is revoking all agreements on cooperation with Russia’s FSB [Federation Security Service] and law enforcement agencies.  In response to an information request from ЛІГАБізнесІнформ, it stated that it is asking the Foreign Ministry to carry out all procedure needed and then inform the Russian Federation that all legal acts regarding cooperation are to be renounced.

 “Taking into account the aggressive activities of the Russian security service with respect to Ukraine (in particular the participation of members of Russia’s FSB in the military annexation of the Crimea; the organization of intelligence activities concerning our country from the territory of the Crimea; and measures aimed at destabilizing the situation in the east of Ukraine), cooperation with the FSB has been stopped”.

SBU informs that it cooperated with FSB on specific areas of activity which were of relevance to both countries, such as fighting international terrorism and “other manifestations of extremism”, transnational criminal gangs, etc.

The move means that SBU will no longer share information or take part in measures of joint interest.

It is worth noting that on a number of occasions the ‘cooperation’ between SBU and FSB has led to serious miscarriages of justice and / or human rights infringements. 

It is likely that the FSB has played a direct role in cases involving the illegal refoulement of Russian nationals from Ukraine.   This includes the return to Russia of an asylum seeker from Ingushetia who had been offered asylum in a safe third country in August 2012, and the abduction of left-wing Russian activist Leonid Razvozzaev in October that year.  There were also indications that Ukraine was beginning to go along with Russia’s cooperation with the repressive regime in Uzbekistan.  Russia has on a number of occasions helped the Uzbek Security Service to abduct and forcibly return people seeking refuge in Russia (more details here: )

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