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Famous accordion-player sentenced to 13 years

Ihor Zavadsky has been convicted of sexual crimes against minors and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment. The trial was behind close doors which is regrettable given concerns over the case following his arrest in March 2012

Ihor Zavadsky has been convicted of sexual crimes against minors and sentenced to 13 years imprisonment.  He has also been ordered to pay 27 thousand UAH for expert assessments. He was found guilty together with his administrator who received a 7 year sentence and driver (three years).

Zavadsky was convicted of ‘violently satisfying sexual passions in an unnatural fashion’ (Article 153); sexual debauchery (Article 156) and acting as a sexual go-between (302). 

Zavadsky is a very well-known accordionist but this is reported on a human rights site as the case aroused considerable concern after his arrest in March 2012. 

Earlier the charges were reported as being six cases of corrupting minors and of circulating pornography.  

The investigators claimed that Zavadsky had been under surveillance for over a year with a hidden camera placed in his flat.  Given that the charges were of corruption of minors, the need for over a year’s surveillance seemed highly questionable.  There were many who visited him in SIZO and brought him food parcels.  They even tried to bring him an accordion, however the prosecutor objected.

TVi presented a documentary suggesting that Zavadsky had been set up by a rival. Such concerns were frequently voiced.  They may be unfounded, however the fact that Zavadsky, who continues to maintain his innocence, was sentenced after a closed trial does not allay the disquiet over the case.

Halya Coynash 

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