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News of Donbas refuses to publish any election advertising


The journalists at Novosti Donbassa have announced that in the run-up to the parliamentary elections they will not be publishing any political advertising.  They say that they never published ‘dzeensa” [covert advertising, purporting to be news features], but now are also refusing to post any paid advertisements. 

The decision, they say, was not an easy one as commercial success, including through the placement of advertising, guarantees real media independence.

“Today, however, we are all willing to give up good pay because we understand that in the present situation our words can change the fate of Donbas.”

They point out also that it would be strange to want cprofhange yet at the same time advertise, albeit officially, those people who held the country back and prevented its development.  They’re not prepared to help politicians describe how they’re “helping” those people whom they helped to make refugees.

“The journalists from Novosti Donbasa are working in the military zone. Some of us are at the front line and we have never worked in such conditions. Anyway who has even once been there, in the epicentre of events, and seen homes destroyed, looked into the eyes of our soldiers who know death, who’s walked between stretchers and seen the traces left behind by the Russian occupiers and their proxies on our land has lost many illusions and reconsidered a lot”

“If we don’t give millionaire politicians the chance to advertise their candidacy, then maybe, just maybe, this will create a more competitive electoral environment and the money that they’ve ready to spend on words will be spent on arms for the army?

Maybe at least that way we’ll force them to help us all save Ukraine.”

They call on other journalists to join them. 

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