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Law on Internally Displaced Persons finally passed into Law


President Petro Poroshenko has signed a law regulating the status and rights of people forced to leave their homes in the Crimea or Donbas.  The law was long overdue even when adopted by parliament on Oct 20, and there have been repeated calls from organizations working directly with ‘internally displaced persons’[IDP] for the President to sign it into force. 

The information on the presidential website speaks of amendments that will be made to Law No. 4490a-1 as soon as parliament sits on Nov 27.  What precisely is meant by this is, for the moment, unclear.

The law at present specifies the procedure for registering IDP and regulates issues regarding employment and social payments.  Back on Oct 20 Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk stated that the law would entail payment to around 420 thousand displaced people of 884 UAH.  There are now at least 30 thousand more displaced people. 

As reported here many times, the Verkhovna Rada first adopted a law on June 19.  It was not, however, the one that had been discussed with civic groups, but a new document only tabled on the day of voting.  It basically failed to address any of the very real problems which confront people forced to leave their homes.  That bill was vetoed a month later by Poroshenko, however a new bill was adopted at the absolute final moment by the old parliament.   

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