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On attempts to destroy accordionist Igor Zavadsky, or four years in prison on false charges

Full text of the interview with Andriy Bryhida for the newspaper "Evening Poltava"

Full text of the interview with Oksana Klochko from the newspaper "Evening Poltava" (02/03/2016)  Photo of Andriy Bryhida from the original article, translated by Bill Baerg

The world-famous accordion virtuoso Igor Zavadsky his detractors (let’s call them so gently) tried to bring down even at takeoff. At full speed and breakneck speed. At that time, in March 2012, a distinguished accordionist him there was not only in Ukraine, but in general in the world. The winner of the most prestigious of all possible international accordion competitions, unique in the world (!) Owner of the top three prize "Golden Lyre", the first Ukrainian musician whose name is entered in the Guinness Book of Records. He gave almost 1, 400 solo concerts in 24 countries, published 16 discs had grandiose creative plans and believed in his luck.

Plans and luck we have been talking with him March 9, 2012, when the Games gave a great interview for the "Evening of Poltava." March 14 it was printed in the newspaper and on the same day Honored Artist of Ukraine Igor Zavadsky and his manager Andrew Bryhida were guests in our editorial. We had great fun and enjoy optimism inexhaustible vitality of the artist. In the evening there was a concert in the city consummate the House of Culture in Poltava. I had not yet in Poltava viewer emotions subside as on March 23, as if out of the blue, Ukrainian media spread the news - Igor Zavadsky and its administrator, Andrew Bryhida arrested on suspicion in the case of corruption of minors. This topic has long been the top news in all and everywhere at the same time began to say that Zavadsky "ordered" colleagues who have friends in high power and general then authorities was strongly seduced.

Perhaps for Igor and Andrew shared the events of life into "before" and "after." Many people understand that Zavadsky thus "defused as a competitor, " and Bryhida was "a skating rink" for the company. He was jailed to freedom not to "raise the noise."
According to that periodically fell in the media, it quickly became clear that the case "of pedophilia" is falling apart - "victim" in her children began to abandon their testimony, talked about the pressure that they do investigators. But even in this scenario July 10, 2014 Podolsk district court of Kyiv sentenced, which awarded Igor Zavadsky 13 years in prison, Andrew Bryhidi - 7 still pending proceedings in the Court of Appeal of Kyiv. New evidence against the accused in this high-profile case is not attached, the primary charges are not confirmed. There was almost a hundred hearings, but as they say, things are there. The system still win justice and good sense.

However, there is good news. Recently custody released Andrew Bryhidu. According to the "Law Savchenko, " according to which one day in jail for two counts. Andrew spent in custody 3 years and almost 10 months.  In the will he left not himself, and with cat toys. In August last year gave a birthday Games. Across the wire is also his life. It turns out to Igor Zavadsky in camera ever came and caught the cat. He called it Red and already hosted two of her birth ...

For a short time will Bryhida Andrew managed to hold concert "Igor Zavadsky collects friends" musician for many years traditionally spends his birthday on January 20. This time the concert fell on its 50th anniversary and held at the House of the actor. The hall was traditionally full, and when Andrew came on stage, the audience gave him a five-minute ovation. "I had to disable a lot of feelings, otherwise be broke to pieces", - said Andrey Bryhida. A colorful illustration on whether the audience believes in the charges made against Igor Zavadsky.
On the same evening, wherein many musicians, human rights activist Yevhen Zakharov, who for nearly a year helping to protect Igor Zavadsky and Andrei Bryhidi presented "Prison Diaries", which came out in Russian and English, and the first release notes "Academy accordion of Igor Zavadsky" issued with the assistance of the Kharkiv Human Rights group.

I read "Prison Diaries" and that’s convinced that those who "ordered" Zavadsky and fabrykuvav case against him from the start were doomed to failure. They are "broken off" about strength of mind of this man. For how to beat a man who his prison diary begins not with complaints of injustice and of setting goals on nine points? And the first of them is: "be sure that I am in sabbatical where necessary with maximum benefit to spend time (read books, exercise, accumulate creative energy to write new chapters forthcoming book" Become a Star "based on the idea - always overcome life’s obstacles and believing in his star. "of course, life in custody, to put it mildly, very difficult, and many pages of" Prison diary "Zavadsky’s just creepy. that there is only the fact that in 2013, unable to bear abuse of their children died first mother of Igor and later my mother Andrey and christened Igor. their children not only failed to conduct the funeral and had no opportunity even once for almost a year even call them. Guide the prison did not allow ...
It so happened that in March 2012, his last major interview before imprisonment Igor Zavadsky gave "Evening Poltava." And last week Andrew Bryhida his first interview after his release gave also "Evening Poltava." So we have the opportunity to learn the truth in high-profile cases firsthand.

- Andrew, what do you think, why you "hung" is a charge - in pedophilia and corruption of minors?

- I analyzed the situation and concluded that if we charged, for example, in a large theft or even murder, many people have made in our defense. So was selected charges, in which even those who did not believe in him, does not manifest itself, and thus to "not zamaratysya." Especially with us Igor detained at the time when everyone at the hearing was "right" Artek "under which minors accused in the corruption of some MPs. There was a lot of noise, but ultimately the charges have not been confirmed. But telling is the fact that both cases are the same performers manufacturers. Central Investigation Department of the Investigative Maxim Morozov, who during the Revolution of dignity fled to the Crimea and received Russian citizenship. Together with his "work" Hrydkovets psychologist who, as it turned out later, not being a staff psychologist GUS worked in many cases that led Morozov. Most likely, it was easy for him man.

Note that now the people who take the sin on the soul by engaging in falsification case against us at some stage, started getting his due. Against the investigator Shevchenko district of Kyiv Lytvyn, who without any grounds opened a criminal investigation and conducted a search of our apartment, prosecutors opened a case on the illegality of his actions. Former Prosecutor Shevchenko district Nechiporenko (in the area Kyiv opened the criminal case against Igor Zavadsky and Andrei Bryhidy, despite the fact that residents are in the Podolsk district and alleged their actions allegedly took place there. - Ed.) Late last year, was arrested in receiving a bribe of 150 thousand dollars. There are other examples.

- As far as I know, all the people who were listed in the status of "victims" at the beginning of the case, the court rejected their testimony. It is so?

- Yes, in the case figured the names of six "victims." In the first court session, the first of them in the presence of his mother say that actually nothing. As told to his home came in person investigator Stephen Klochuryak on his car drove his then-14-year-old boy, to the investigative department Shevchenko district actually stealing. Talked with him without the presence of parents, intimidated and insisted he needed to sign the papers. The court asked us to release boy and his mother supported.

- Were you familiar with this guy?

Of course, he always came to the concert Igor. Interestingly, the next court hearing to have this guy had a very frightened look and have asked us not to let in any case. It was evident that it had a very big psychological work. Artists orders against us saw that people began to abandon their testimonies were given under pressure from law enforcement officials, and assuming that the prosecution simply fall apart, began to intimidate "victims" and their representatives.

- Are all the children who appear in the case as "victims, " you know?

- Someone knew someone just seen, because they all come to the concerts.

- And in your apartment they had been?

- Detained on the application, which initially did not even exist.

- So?

- Even after we were detained, the statement was the guardian of one of the "victims" that alleged in 2009 Igor Zavadsky committed indecent behavior towards her ward. The statement was short and rather diffuse content. When the hearings began in our case, this woman-long guardian summoned to court to testify. We lawyers that sought, and finally the second year of hearings, it did come. The referee showed her her statement. She read and she said, "my signature, but the same statement I just could not write." The fact that the statement was written as if her words. But, as told "applicant", she did not know how to Zavadsky father, did not know his date of birth and address of residence. Moreover, in 2009, this woman was the guardian of his ward, and he became only in 2011. She told also that during interrogation in 2012 she signed a lot of different documents and even ... scratch. Another added that March 23, 2012 it was not even the police. Because it was a Friday, and the only time she came to the police fell on Saturday. It is precisely remember, because it was the weekend. And yet, on the basis of this statement, which does not actually exist, the authorities Shevchenko district police wrote a report on the prosecution of Igor Zavadsky and Andrei Bryhidy. This is despite the fact that the "statement" about me is not mentioned and no unknown persons in it also does not appear. Later, on the basis of this report the following documents were created and needed someone vybudovuvavsya chain.

Regarding detention. Evening, March 23, 2012 Igor called a taxi to go to the studio recording mount hundredth concert at the House of the actor. And March 24 was to be his 101 th concert at the House of the actor. He came out of the entrance and then at him nakynulosya several people in civilian clothes knocked down, wearing handcuffs. I heard a noise, went into the entrance and saw me running two Ambala civil. I jumped back into the apartment and locked the door. But they took from Igor keys, unlock and began shouting: "Police!" But the police are absolutely not like, so I held the door from the inside. Then they started already Igor pound on the door and demand to open. Once upon a time we train with Igor agreed that in this situation the one who in the apartment, never open the door. Because artists are always under scrutiny and bandits often attacked them for robbery. And the consequences of such attacks can be unpredictable. So if Igor was inside, and I’m outside, he also would not open.

For a while they beat Igor on the door and shouted: "Vidchynyai!", And Igor shouted: "Do not open!" Call the police, I could not, because the home phone was not working, probably cut the wire in advance. Mobile also drowned. Police summoned neighbors. When I saw a door peephole in the police, then I relaxed. For something to be afraid when you are in no way to blame? I opened the door and immediately thrown to the floor in the hallway and started kicking. Policemen have not been close - they checked documents in and attackers disappeared. I then broke three ribs and his hands tied with a belt because the handcuffs were found only for games.

Together with us and arrested the boy, who later also began pryplitaty the case. This boy and his mother often came to concerts Igor, and the woman in gratitude, we occasionally passed cakes that I baked myself. On that day he also brought cake and waited in the hallway until I get. We agreed that when taken buy train tickets and we will drive a certain segment of the path along on bicycles (Andrew - an ardent velolyubytel. - Ed.) This child was put into the car without parents were taken for examination. Examination showed that the boy virgin, no traces of contact with Igor, neither me nor the driver, who also tried to stick to this case, no. Also, neither at the time nor later there was no statement from the child’s parents about any action against her on our side. Nothing happened! And yet for the episode invented by this guy allegedly participating Igor given 13 years in prison, and I - seven.

- Can you name the customer’s case against Igor Zavadsky and you?

- All strings are to the man, which everyone knows the name but I have not called because officially it has not proved guilt.

- Well, let’s talk about well-known fact - long dislike of Igor Zavadsky colleagues Yan Tabachnik. When did the first manifestation?

- In 1999, looted and burned apartment Igor. This was before his trip to France in one of the most important festivals of accordion. Surprisingly not in the fire burned documents prepared for the trip - they soaked during quenching, but survived. Most fire occurred after a concert at the Kiev Philharmonic Igor came to the chairman of the European Association of Accordion Claudine Osh. After the concert in numerous interviews she talked about what he thinks is best accordionist Igor Zavadsky world. One of its journalists asked again: "How Zavadsky, we also have Yan Tabachnik?" Then she has asked: "Who is it?"

- What is the status of Igor was at that time?

- That he played passages. Including in Europe. Claudine Osh saw him there. Game Igor struck her, so she decided to come to Kyiv and watch his performance on the professional stage. Incidentally, the Philharmonic concert was the first performance of Igor in the great hall.
So, during the investigation of the case of robbery and arson apartment Zavadsky’s lawyer gave artist Ihor to "Hello from John Petrovich."

- How Igor reacted to these words?

- By and large - no way. They are still talking with Tabachnyk and if everything was normal. Later, in 2004, a few hours before the New Year Yan Tabachnik called Igor personally and said that if we ever see his name in print next to the name Zavadsky, the latter simply torn off his head. In fact, the Games of Tabachnyk in any interview ever said. Perhaps he had some journalist associations and wrote about it in his article. And got a reaction. At first we thought that all this is not serious, perhaps even draw. But after a few years of one person who was next to Tabachnyk at a time when he made the call, I donated this conversation. She told someone Tabachnik "very clocked" and he was very angry.

Another incident occurred in 2006. January 20, in his day, Igor gave a big concert in the Palace "Ukraine". Despite the 30-degree cold, the hall was full. It’s not like someone. About a week Igor robbed and beaten in the underpass, broke his nose. And again gave "hello" from the specified "friend." I spoke only about the "bright" episodes. Perhaps there were still some minor mischief, but we are not paying attention.

- As interrogation occurred after the arrest?

- I was the only one questioning. Brought to the deputy chief of the Shevchenko district police department Osipenko. He was terribly drunk, but he took me by the barge and began to beat. Then I left a huge bruise under his left eye. But he did not realize that at the moment I have not taken for examination. So during the examination, if found fresh bruises, he canceled that I supposedly fell eye on your bike while in custody. And just when questioned me demanded that I signed papers they need without reading. And even offered to pay them 30 thousand dollars for me to go. In fact, about 30 thousand dollars was discussed during the so-called search of the apartment, which was more like a robbery.

"The search" was conducted immediately on March 23 when burst into the apartment. The sanctions against him were not. Games like apartment owner, was also not present. Witnesses during the so-called search were obviously false. They even pointed out what and where to look.

- And what were looking for?

- First asking about gold and money.

- Once, not very logical for both cases of abuse of minors ...

- I’ll tell you more about seduction materials that do not interest them. Always sounded a phrase: "Yes, we must find accordion and break it." It seemed that they were given some guidance. But failed. In Igor accordion ten pieces, so they open the cabinet, and then solid accordions ... as confused and not one broke.

"Shakedown" was held in camera recording, which they brought with them. I saw that the camera captures all that they are doing so sat and did not intervene. Hoping that after all this can be seen in the militia and conclude on what those involved who actually conducted this "search." But it later emerged that the video does not. In case there are only two answers about the disappearance of expert Elkin video. The first answer he said that the camera initially nothing recorded. In reply to the request of prosecutors, he has said that the video was dropped at the computer and disappeared during prophylaxis computer. Directly "search" lasted about three hours. I have all this time sitting in one place, and those who conducted it, scattered throughout the apartment. Shut the door to the room and I only heard two computers turned on in the kitchen. What they do with them did not know. I foresee that at the time appeared on computers and pornography, which we later charged.

- How many of those kopyrsavsya in the apartment?

- Around eight people. Because of the beating, three broken ribs and bound hands, I became ill several times, but the "ambulance" I call refused. Overall during the "search" stole 10 thousand, monitors, fax, collectible watches and wine, Igor gave concerts in different cities. And the prize "Golden Lyre". Most likely, encroached on a few grams of gold, which she covered with ...

But this "obshukovtsi" is not limited. Over the next month the apartment keys in the hands of law enforcement officers and none of our family it is not allowed. At this time, it was made a video allegedly involving us and a boy, which is presented as evidence. Although it can not see faces, and no sound quality due to bad little can be dismantled.

Before you give the keys to my mom had another "search." According to my information then the apartment would plant the drugs. For a case of "corruption of minors" crumbled for lack of evidence, and keep us in jail had. But something of the drug did not work ...

- You said that you were interrogated only once. Is this enough investigation?

- Probably. Since I refused to testify against Igor is with me no longer bother.

- Were you able to communicate with Igor and you know how questioned it?

- First, there was no way to communicate. Later, when we began to carry on the court and held them for almost a hundred talked a lot. He was also the most difficult first interrogation when zalamuvaly hands and otherwise abused. To the extent that he lost consciousness. More than a week he had not allowed a lawyer, still trying to break it, but failed.

- You spent in jail without two months to four years. As spent all this time and as you were given the "spice" of the article you tried to hang?

- First, it was a misunderstanding, shock, despair and all that could be in this situation. Gradually it passed. As for treatment, which is usually to rapists or pedophiles, it was not like this. For those who are sitting in jail, mostly very good psychologists and quickly determine blame or not. Therefore, no one is treated as child molesters of children.

- I know that Igor leadership repeatedly asked the prison to let him pass accordion to keep performing shape. Also complained that his eyesight is deteriorating and he was denied medical help on this. Tell us more about it.

- As a tool, but this was denied Igor nearly four years. Some people in jail saying, and then I heard from other sources that the then chief of the institution was appropriate call "from above". Allegedly, said the following: "If Zavadsky’s accordion appears, then you will" dyevochku. "
- Hand-wringing in interrogations, the prohibition of tools - everything indicates that someone really wants to deprive the artist of his virtuosic skill.

- Yes, but Igor did not give up. First sketched on the blackboard key and thus tried to play the hand. Around six months ago with musician John Dry Zhashkova gave him the right keyboard. Helped in this human rights activist Yevhen Zakharov. And on January 20, again thanks to Eugene Zakharov, the day of the 50th anniversary of Igor, we were able to officially give him accordion.

Vision Igor really huge problem. It long has poor eyesight, and for the last four years in jail, we almost did not see the sun. Even walking in place on the roof of slate, where the sun does not fall. Besides his camera is in the basement, where the damp and dark. Vision is falling, but despite numerous requests, no examination or treatment he receives. Although no longer in need of a treatment and surgery.

- Suggests that the food in jail is not very good, which also affects health. Have you helped someone with food "the will"?

- So. Thank friends and supporters. Assist constantly and no one turned away.

- You are fired and you’re back to his apartment. It is surprising that in a case entirely based on fraud, Igor is not selected apartments.

- Tried to. In this direction plodded investigator Morozov (this Igor Zavadsky wrote in his "Prison Diary". - Ed.), But failed. Although when I was in the apartment, no one survived the robbery, just took his head. Disappeared many working discs, videotapes, recordings and concerts phonograms Igor. They allegedly took the examination, but where they are now - is unknown. Similarly, along with computers seized during the first "search" gone all games archive. It is difficult to release even a poster.

- And in general feel now, being at large?

- Of course, I am pleased to release. Let though in a way contrary to what is necessary to prove innocence. On the other hand, would be better if I stayed in prison, and Igor was fired. For I am a simple man and my presence on this country neither cold nor hot. But what talent is in jail, Ukraine is losing a lot. Especially now, when people need spiritual support. The concert on January 20th, I saw how people waiting for Igor. Then convinced of this, when it transported a collection of music in music schools. By the way, Igor perestrahovuvavsya about how I will think in institutions, despite the accusations that have hung on. Therefore requested to attend school with our mutual friends. But heads of schools and teachers welcomed me with open arms and even with tears, saying that the extremely await the return of Igor. No one believes in charge.

- In view of the large flow of mud, which was cast in the media and online, and can not reject the prevailing negative public opinion about you with Igor. So good name will return. As times do about this?

- First dobyvatymemosya acquittal. Along Kharkiv Human Rights Group collected the documents for submission to the European Court lawsuit against the state of Ukraine, in particular - against its law enforcement system. Long process, but we endure.


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