Memorandum of the “Art of Tolerance” Platform


We, representatives of independent non-governmental organizations, foundations and private companies in the field of culture, education, information and human rights from different countries of Europe and the world,


  • that freedom of expression is the basis of democratic development of society;
  • that symbolic reality forms the life of society;
  • that the unlimited creativity of the individual is the driver of the development of post-industrial society;

Realizing that the process of rapid globalization promotes intercultural dialogue and the enrichment of world culture,

but at the same time creates new challenges:

  • the disappearance of traditional cultures and languages of small nations;
  • fear of losing traditions, identity and relevance in the present time, generating isolationism and xenophobia;
  • propaganda of hatred and the hate speech that contributes to the growth of hate-based discrimination and hate crime;
  • the creation of many "post-truths" and the spread of purposeful lies through the latest communication technologies;

Recognizing the importance of protecting freedom of expression and multiculturalism while preserving the cultural heritage;

Understanding the need to counteract such negative phenomena as hate propaganda, the hate speech, discrimination and hate crimes;

We create the international platform "Art of Tolerance" as an independent cultural, educational and human rights defending initiative of civic organizations.

The mission of the Platform is to protect freedom of expression, promote intercultural dialogue and at the same time the preservation of cultural heritage, combating hate propaganda, hate speech, discrimination and hate crimes.

The strategic objectives of the Platform are:

  • Spreading the values of tolerance and multiculturalism through international cultural events in the "Art of Tolerance";
  • Participation in the formation of cultural policy at the international, national and local levels;
  • Promoting the preservation of the national cultural heritage, both by museum preservation in its original form and by introducing elements of traditional culture into modern multicultural, polystylistic, an polygonal works;
  • Implementation of the methodology covering various cultural traditions in the educational process, organizing educational and educational activities;
  • Promoting cultural integration between different countries through the organization of international events and cultural exchange;
  • Facilitating overcoming of conflict and hate crime, discrimination, the language of hostility through monitoring, advocacy campaigns and strategic victim protection.

For implementation of strategic goals, the Platform participants carry out the following activities:

  1. Conducting cultural events in the "Art of Tolerance": festivals, concerts, exhibitions, plays, performances, installations, literary readings, etc.;
  2. Conducting forums, conferences, round tables, meetings and other events;
  3. Conducting educational events: trainings, seminars, master classes, summer schools, etc.;
  4. Conducting advocacy, information and advertising campaigns;
  5. Conducting monitoring and analytical studies;
  6. Realizing of mediation;
  7. Strategic litigations.

Principles of cooperation of Platform participants:

Solidarity. Platform participants build relationships based on mutual trust, mutual respect, mutual assistance.

Voluntary participation. Participation in the Platform is voluntary, however, the outing from the Platform does not terminate the commitments that the organization took upon itself while staying in the Platform.

Independence. The Platform participants are independent from the Platform in their actions, except for their commitments in the joint Platform projects.

Responsibility. Platform participants must abide by their obligations to other participants.

Legality. Platform participants follow the legislation of the countries where they operate.

Tolerance, goodwill, respect for the position of minority. Platform members should seek to see a benevolent atmosphere and make common decisions through consensus.

Resolving conflicts inside the Platform. In the event of disputes or conflicts between platform participants, they are required to resolve them by dialogue and reaching a compromise within the Platform in order not to cause damage to its reputation.

This Memorandum comes into force on the day of its signing.

Any changes and additions to this Memorandum are made only with the written consent of all participants of the Platform and become an integral part of the Memorandum.

The "Art of Tolerance" platform is open to new members who share Platform values and are committed to complying with the provisions of this Memorandum.

The entry of new members is made by consensus of all the current members of the Platform.

Any controversial questions regarding the interpretation or application of the provisions of this Memorandum shall be resolved by the Platform participants through joint consultations and negotiations.

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