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SSU Reform: Challenges and Prospects. The Study

19.07.2021    available: Українською
Y. Zakharov, G. Tokarev, І. Stupak, І. Popov, M. Samus

SSU Reform: Challenges and Prospects. The Study / Zakharov Y., Tokarev G., Stupak І., Popov І., Samus M., General edition: Semyorkina О. М. – К., 2021. – 172 p.

The study is dedicated to the issues of reforming of the SSU in post-Soviet Ukraine. In particular, we analysed the international experience of reforming the special services, a number of documents of UN, Council of Europe, the European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission), as well as legislation and practice of various countries of the world. A prominent place in the study is given to the analysis of observance of human rights in the activities of the SSU. The authors suggested the ways of reforming the SSU, based on the international standards and the best global experience. We have developed the recommendations concerning the model of SSU reform and implementation of parliamentary control. The study is designed for the members of parliament, employees of the public sector working in the fields of criminal justice and law enforcement, representatives of international and non-governmental organisations, researchers, and the general public.

Preparation for publication and printing of this publication was carried out by the Ukrainian Institute of the Future.

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