war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.


Crimean violently detained, prosecuted and forced to ‘apologise’ for awaiting Ukraine’s liberation of Russian-occupied Crimea

Three members of Andriy Babychenko’s family were convicted of ‘disobeying’ the armed and masked men who burst into their home and forced him to the ground because of pro-Ukrainian social media posts. He was convicted on another charge and may face more

UN commission confirms Russian systematic use of torture and points to evidence of incitement to genocide in Ukraine

The findings are damning but only highlight the need for more robust measures, including International Criminal Court proceedings now to ensure accountability for grave war crimes and perhaps crimes against humanity

Occupied Donbas residents ask Russia why it 'liberated' them from food and water

Even some of those who helped invade Ukraine and who still support ‘Russian world’ ideology admit that Russia has brought only devastation and suffering to occupied Donbas

YouTube increasingly blocked in occupied Crimea as Russia intensifies censorship over its war against Ukraine

Occupied Crimea may, it is suggested, be Russia’s testing ground because of the large number of Crimeans opposing its invasion and annexation of the peninsula

68-year-old Crimean Halyna Dovhopola imprisoned in Russia for 12 years on ‘treason’ charges for supporting Ukraine

The charges against Halyna Dovhopola remain as secret as the ‘court hearings’ behind closed doors, without an independent lawyer, but she was almost certainly targeted because of her pro-Ukrainian views

Russia claims tortured POW who defended Ukraine in Kherson committed ‘international terrorism’

Pavlo Zaporozhets is facing a 20-year sentence or life imprisonment under Russian legislation although he is accused only of actions, carried out by a Ukrainian defender, against the Russians who had invaded and seized Kherson

Prominent Crimean Tatar journalist 'sentenced' by Russian court to 6 years for Facebook post about saving Oleh Sentsov's life

The ‘trial’ and sentence against Aider Muzhdabaev over strong words on Facebook would be easier to take seriously if state-employed propagandists did not call to murder Ukrainian children and destroy Ukrainian cities on television

Russian FSB get ‘good terrorism statistics’ by imprisoning Crimean Tatar pensioners

Russia has already killed two political prisoners and is clearly willing to cause the death of 68-year-old Khalil Mambetov; Azamat Eyupov (60) and others as part of its terrorization by quota ‘trials’

Russians abduct and murder a young Ukrainian couple in occupied Kherson oblast

Relatives believe that Anastasia and Valery Saksahansky were abducted and killed because they had refused to take Russian citizenship

Moscow claims it invaded 'in self-defence’ at UN Court heaing into Ukraine’s first Genocide Case against Russia

Russia seems to have had difficulty finding international lawyers to represent it in this case, in which its arguments concentrate on the same lies about a ‘neo-Nazi regime’ committing ‘genocide against Russian-speakers’ peddled since 2014


Executions in Bucha and Torture chambers in the Kharkiv Region: An announcement of new ICC submissions

On September 27th The T4P (Tribunal for Putin) initiative presents two submissions to the International Criminal Court regarding crimes against humanity.

‘We believed the Russians would not destroy our houses’

Viktoriia was born and lived all her life in Kharkiv. A full-scale war found her and her small child on the city's eastern outskirts, coming under attack in the first hours of the invasion. Viktoriia's father believed that the fighting would not affect the civilian population. After two weeks of living in a basement, they drove to the station through deserted Kharkiv to evacuate to Lviv.

‘I’m not used to having four coffins with soldiers in the temple’, — priest Viktor Marynchak

After the invasion began, Viktor Marynchak continued to serve in the Church of St. John the Evangelist, although he blessed everyone who decided to leave Kharkiv to evacuate. Military funerals are often held in the church now, forcing Father Viktor to ask himself difficult questions.

Playing Bach’s music accompanied by explosions. Accordionist Ihor Zavadskyi

Every day since the beginning of the war, a Ukrainian accordionist plays songs and publishes them on his channel to keep the spirits up. His work during the war became the basis of a new record-breaking album.

‘I dream that my work will become unnecessary’

Viktoriia Nesterenko is a co-founder of the Wings of Victory Foundation, which helps civilians and military personnel. In particular, to Ukrainian Muslims who left to defend their homeland. Can religious rituals become a hindrance in war? How do people of different faiths get along at the front lines? Our interview is about the work and future of the fund.

‘It was clear that the city was simply being destroyed’ — Pavlo Ponomarenko, Mariupol

Pavlo Ponomarenko is an engineer by profession and an artist by vocation. The Russian occupiers destroyed his district, went over with a tractor, and leveled it to the ground to hide the traces of their crimes. About life in besieged Mariupol in an interview with Pavlo Ponomarenko.

‘I realized that I could easily be turned in’

Ihor Ivanovych served in Murmansk in a special forces detachment and later as a border guard. He returned to Mariupol because he wanted to live in Ukraine: he was born in the Lviv Region and always considered himself a Ukrainian. After spending 35 days in the basement, the 70-year-old man ran away, fearing that he would be handed over to the occupiers for his pro-Ukrainian views.

Officers don’t work

A military medic from Mariupol showed phenomenal courage in Russian captivity, surpassing the plot of a famous feature film.

Yevhen Zakharov shortlisted for the Václav Havel Prize 2023

The prize is awarded annually by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe for outstanding achievements in human rights protection.

How volunteer doctors work with victims of Russian aggression

Since the beginning of the war, volunteer doctors of the FRIDA organization have been working free of charge in the frontline territories. For a year and a half, they managed to assist thousands of civilians. In this interview, doctors talk about their work in Bakhmut and other hot spots, the people they saved, and rethinking their inner values.

The Tribunal for Putin has published the first legal assessment of genocide in Ukraine

On 28 August, the human rights initiative T4P launched its submission to the International Criminal Court, detailing the acts of genocide committed by Russia in and around the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

‘If we don’t invest in art, we can fail’, Matvii Vaisberg says

Paintings by the artist Matvii Vaisberg became illustrations for the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group’s new book about Mariupol. He says that the war was the most productive period for him, complains about the uglification of urban space, and believes we should do more to promote contemporary Ukrainian art worldwide.