war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

A militia badge must not be a guarantee of impunity

Roman Romanov, Sebastopol
The Sebastopol human rights protection group is worried by the circumstances of death of Andrey Zolotov, a 17-year-old youth, and heavy wound of Andrey Shevchenko, of the same age. The tragedy was caused by shots from a pistol fired by General-Lieutenant Vivat Beloborodov, the head of Sebastopol Directorate of the Ministry of Interior.

The case was investigated by General L.Borodych, Deputy Minister of Interior, who considered the actions of General Beloborodov as ‘well-grounded and justified’. We cannot find this investigation either objective or sufficient. Our group is especially worried by the attempts of militia to conceal the circumstances which led to death of one and heavy wound of the other youth. According to the available information, militia officers prevented Andrey Shevchenko’s mother to visit her son, who was kept in the hospital. Meanwhile, Andrey Shevchenko, who was in a very grave state, was interrogated without advocate. The interrogation lasted to the small hours of the morning.

The Sebastopol human rights protection group deems necessary to start immediate, objective and unbiased investigation aimed at establishing all details of the tragedy. Taking into account the interest of law-enforcing bodies to hush the matter, a broad public resonance and grave consequences of General Beloborodov’s actions, all facts established in the course of the investigation must be made public.

The Sebastopol human rights protection group appeals to all who supports our attitude to write letters to President Leonid Kuchma, to the Minister of Interior Yuri Kravchenko and the General Prosecutor Mikhail Potebenko.

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