war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

An incident on a country lane

O.Pokryshchuk, Vinnitsa region
‘I am proud of militia in Ukraine’, said the Minister of Interior Yuri Kravchenko. But there are spots even on the sun.

In the very end of 1998 Vinnitsa region got a new head of the Directorate of Interior. The former head, A.Podoliaka, went up to the crest of his carrier — now he heads the road police of Ukraine. The Minister of Interior came to Vinnitsa and introduced the new head. He characterized the new head laconically: ‘He does not drink, he does not drink at all!’ The local mass media described this touching scene and expressed the fantastic supposition that no drunken militia officers would appear within the region.

The supposition appeared not to be quite realistic. The inhabitant of Ilinetskiy district Vasyl Maslianko, born in 1964, returned form the prison by amnesty of 17 September 1998. He should register in the district precinct, and he duly did so on 20 September.

On 28 September Vasyl Maslianko was walking home along a country lane after his visit to his former teacher Khimich. There he was overtaken by the local militiaman Kravchuk, who braked his car. The scene that followed was witnessed by a retired teacher Nina Leontyevna Misiats.

Hey, nit, get in! — The militiaman was drunk as a king’s trooper.

I will not. You are drunk.

The militiaman got out and kicked Maslianko into the groin.

Why have not you come to be registered?

Another kick. The militiaman started to beat Maslianko quite seriously. The latter started to cry:

Nina Leontyevna, save me, this gangster will kill me!

Meanwhile Khimich phoned to the precinct. In an hour another militiaman came from the precinct and contemplated the place of the beating.

Next day the head of the precinct said to Maslianko that he could hand the complaint, but added that he had asked the witnesses and no one of them wanted to give evidence.

29 September the head doctor of the district hospital refused to grant medical aid to Maslianko without the certificate of the forensic expert. The expert found ‘dislocation of the arm and jaw, injured kidneys and concussion of the cerebral brain’. Besides, blood was flowing from an ear for several days.

Belligerent Kravchuk was troubled. He offered money to the victim and even promised to delete from his documents that he had been condemned. This was not the first Kravchuk’s sin: once, being drunk, he wounded himself from his service pistol, another time he ran over a local inhabitant V.Melnik, many times he stopped cars and beat drivers.

In former times such militiamen were transferred to another republic. What are the rules of hush-hushing militiamen’s crimes now, is unknown.
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