war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Doomed children

I.L.., Odessa
I would like to attract the public attention to so-called baby orphanages (there children up to 3 years are kept and then passed to usual orphanages). I came to one of such baby orphanages and was shattered by the fact that practically all children lagged behind in their intellectual development. Perhaps, the main reason is the shortage of communication. Children grow without parents and the not numerous personnel can, at best, feed little ones and clean them a little. There are no psychologists, no special nurses to develop children, because there is no funds for such specialists.

Children, as everybody knows, are often ill. The children from the baby orphanage have no necessary medicine. The reason is the same — no funds.

The nourishment of children is inadequate, which tells (irreversibly!) on the development of the central neural system and intellectual capabilities, as well on their physical growth. The children are doomed to malnutrition, dystrophy, numerous diseases.

This intellectually and physically retarded children, if they survive to three years, will be transferred to usual orphanage, then to a closed school. The situation in these establishments is not better. Nobody will ever teach them individually, correct their behavior, develop their intelligence: there are no funds. The children are doomed to join the ranks of debils, imbeciles and the like. Once we were building the country of the victorious communism — now we are building the country of the victorious idiocy. There is no hope that in the near future someone — from a corrupted state official to the First Lady, heading the program ‘Children of Ukraine’, — will pay attention to this set of problems (except during an election campaign).

That is why I beg the bulletin ‘Prava ludyny’ to appeal to all human rights protection organizations to pay attention to all orphanages and closed schools in their regions, attract to them the attention of the public, including international charity organizations. Help them yourselves! Only in this way we shall be able to improve the situation.
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