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On returning Crimean Tartars from Uzbekistan

A letter from the Crimean Medjliss to the Uzbek ombudsperson S.Rashidova

On 31 July 1998 The President of Uzbekistan issued the edict on the temporary order of registration of the exit from the Uzbek citizenship of deported Crimean Tartars, their children and grandchildren. On 5 September 1998 an agreement on the simplified procedure of acquiring Ukrainian citizenship by the Crimean Tartars deported to Uzbekistan was adopted. The Crimean Medjliss analyzed the situation that resulted after the adoption of the above-mentioned documents and came to the following conclusions.

In Ukraine the questions of acquiring the Ukrainian citizenship are solved by a specially created working group at the President of Ukraine. These questions are widely reflected in mass media, whereas in Uzbekistan the very fact of the existence of the above-mentioned agreement is not published. The process of informing and explaining among the Crimean Tartars living in Uzbekistan is practically non-existent. Crimean Tartars who intend to return to their native land do not know that they may acquire the Ukrainian citizenship following the simplified procedure, which is operable only till 31 December 1999. This situation in Uzbekistan can bring to nothing the positive opportunities of the adopted documents.

The absence of the corresponding information is regarded by the Crimean Medjliss as a gross abuse of Constitutional rights for getting information, according to Article 30 of Chapter VII ‘On personal rights and freedoms’ of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The representative office of the Medjliss in charge of Central Asia asks you to pay attention to the given situation and asks for your cooperation in publishing the above-mentioned documents and explanations to them in the official Uzbek press.

Ali Khamzin

Representative of the Medjliss in charge of Central Asia

Bulletin ‘Crimean review’, No.7
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