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A six-volume works of Vasyl Stus have been completed

V.Ovsienko, Kyiv
The publishing house. Prosvita. (Lviv) printed. Palimpsests. by Vasyl Stus. This is the collection of poems of the outstanding poet who died being 47-years-old in the lockup of a political concentration camp in the Urals on the 4 September 1985. This edition was prepared by the poet. s son Dmytro Stus.. Palimpsests. are published in two books and make the third volume of the collected works in six volumes and nine books. The edition has been prepared and published during 5 years under the editor-in-chief Mikhaylina Kotsiubinska.

The presentation of the book was held on 1 June 1999 in Kyiv Teachers. House with the support of the union. Prosvita. and charity fund. Ridny kray..

Dmytro Stus presented all the volumes of the collected works. The first volume comprises early poems written before the first arrest of 1972. The poems are grouped into collections. Winter trees. (prepared by Mykola Goncharuk),. Gay graveyard. (prepared by Valentina Makarchuk),. Whirlwind. (prepared by Dmytro Stus). The second book of the first volume comprises loose poems which were not included to any collection.

The second volume has a somewhat ironical title. Dichtenszeit. due to Goethe. These poems were written during 9 months after the first arrest and before the trial. All in all there are 200 poems and 200 translations (prepared by G.Burlaka and O.Dvorko).

The third volume comprises poems that circulated in samizdatunder the title. Selected poems.. It was these poems that Henrich Boel put out in 1985 for the Nobel prize. Alas, the Nobel prize may be awarded only to the living.

The fourth volume comprises articles, drama and publicism prepared by S.Galchenko and M.Goncharuk.

The fifth volume includes translations prepared by M.Goncharuk, O.Dvorko and A.Shatska.

At last, the sixth volume in two books comprises correspondence. It was prepared by M.Kotsiubinska, who also added a. Dictionary of names within letters..
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