Motor ambulance service needs urgent aid

V. Nesterenko, Kharkiv
Within the Kharkiv oblast there is a district also named Kharkiv district with the population of about 220 thousand. The Kharkiv district is comparaple with some Scandinavian states.

. Prava ludyny. already discussed problems of the motor ambulance service, one of which is the shortage of cars. The Kharkiv Group for human rights protection took part in the discussion and in the solution of the problem. We are glad to inform our readers that the district got several specialized cars, including some of Japanese make.

In September 1999 the motor ambulance service of Kharkiv district again turned to our group, asking to assist. This time they have complained of pay arrears. By today a part of employees did not get their salary for this year, and only 40 workers got the pay for the beginning of the year, April including. Nobody promises to pay the money in the near future.

The claim is handed to court for paying the due money.

Such are hard facts. certainly, a lot of emotional questions can be raised. Can hungry and irritated people work well with patients? Why must workers of the motor ambulance waste their time and nerves for court trials? Many more similar questions can be raised, but we believe that our readers can themselves ask and answer them.
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