war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

THE CHECHEN WAR: Terror against a people

V.Ovsienko, Kyiv
The memory of the war of 1994 . 96 with Ichkeria is still fresh in our memory, but Russia again bombards the Chechen people. The peaceful population is slaughtered, and the peaceful population is not connected with the figures who are called by Russian mass media as . terrorists. and . bandits. . Even so-called . Russian democrats. widely use these terms and support the action of the Russian government. In this way Russia wants to attract the public thought both inside Russia and throughout the world. Since the civilized world fights terrorism, then the fight of Russia against internal terrorism must be a priori encouraged by the world. But before the encouragement one must look at the root of the problem.

A common Russian believes the saying: where a Russian lapot(sort of peasant footwear . Translator. note) stopped, the land became Russian. A common Russian believes that Chechnya is an unalienable part of Russia. The right for independence of the conquered or perfidiously annexed peoples is completely ignored. So such people cannot win independence by legal methods, and they sooner or later take to arms. Russia calls this banditry. Recall that the Soviet propaganda treated in this way the Ukrainian insurgent army, which fought for the independence of Ukraine.

Now Russia by bombardments and purges of the occupied territories terrorizes the population of Chechnya, whose forefathers were occupied in the 19 thcentury. In order not to tease Russia, not a single state dares to acknowledge the independence of Chechnya.

When desperate Chechens conduct terrorist actions in revenge to make the Big Neighbor leave them in peace, then their behavior can be understood. Meanwhile Russia destroys not those, who organized explosions in Moscow and Volgodonsk (by the way, the participation of Chechens in these explosions has not been proved), but peaceful people. Some Russian public figures, such as Krasnoyarsk governor Lebed, consider that this war is instigated by the Russian political elite with the aim of postponing parliamentary election. Russia destroys a whole people before the eyes of the world public, and the public are silent. However, the Ukrainian public is not passive.

On 15 October Ukrainian human rights protection activists and representatives of political parties set a picket near the Russian embassy in Kyiv. The former political prisoners: Mykola Gorbal, Vasyl Ovsienko, Mykola Plakhotniuk, Ivan Shakhiv, Vitaliy Shevchenko, Oles Shevchenko, members of Parliament Mustafa Djamilev, Refat Chubarov, Ivan Zayets, member of the former Parliament Larisa Skorik, took part in the picket. All in all the picket gathered about one hundred people. There were representatives of the Kharkiv Group for human rights protection, the Ukrainian Committee . Helsinki-90. , OUN, KUN, RCP, NRU, DemPU.

The members of the picket handed an appeal to the embassy.

A day before the following telegram was sent:


To the President of the republic of Ichkeria

Aslan Mashadov

We, Ukrainian human rights protection activists, representatives of public and political organizations of Ukraine, deeply sympathize with the Chechen people and protest against the armed aggression of Russia in Chechnya.

We regard inhumane actions of Russians as a shameful crime and demand the immediate termination of the genocide.

We pray for the brave Chechen people. Let God help you!

Mykola Gorbal, Vasyl Ovsienko, Vitaliy Shevchenko, Oles Shevchenko, Evhen Obertas, Anatoliy Rebro, Evhen Dykiy

The Kremlin attempts to preserve the integrity of the Russian Empire by terrorist methods are doomed. The first stage of the Empire. s disintegration happened on the edge of 80s . 90s, when 14 republics separated. Another stage, when autonomous republics will separate, is near.

All empires are mortal, and the Russian one will not be an exception.

Some Ukrainian press keeps repeating imperial stereotypes. This is not surprising: Ukrainians have just left the Russian captivity, but the mentality of the captive will not be cleaned in their heads at once.

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