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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Gentlemen do not read other people’s letters

O.Tumenko, Kirovograd
Respected people do not peep into keyholes, they do not eavesdrop because they respect other people and hope that other people would not eavesdrop on them. They hope that the state would protect their privacy. This is an elementary form of civilized life. Article 131 of the operating Penal Code stipulates responsibility for the abuse of communication privacy.

Yet, the life is swiftly changing. During 3 – 5 recent years the electronic forms of communication have become very popular, but the electronic communication has one drawback: the message is not protected by an envelope and can be intercepted. The messages are intercepted, the most intimate scenes can be photographed, etc. This may be done not only by perverts, but by criminals who do it for criminal purposes.

It is obvious that our Penal Code is lagging behind the technical progress. That is why I suggest some statements to be included to the Code:

Illegal collection, accumulation and storage for publishing or distribution (or similar operations) of information about a person by means of new technologies are punished by a fine from 25 to 35 minimal wages, or corrective works up to 1 year, or the arrest up to 6 months.

The same actions carried out repeatedly, or if they brought especially heavy consequences, or concerned two or more persons, or by a person who committed other deliberate felonies, or the collection of information about sexual life are punished by incarceration for the term up to 3 years.

Such laws will improve the moral atmosphere of the society. Such atmosphere of the total tailing is unworthy of the dignity of Ukraine.
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