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Conference of representatives of human rights protection organizations of Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Odessa

M. Bardin, director of Podilsk Center of human rights
On 17 December 1999 representatives of human rights protection organizations of Kharkov, Vinnitsa and Odessa had a conference where they discussed some urgent questions. They again considered the necessity of building a system of interaction between human rights protection organizations of Ukraine. They agreed that a promising solution of the problem is the creation of human rights protection Coalition, which would better guarantee the observance of human rights.

This initiative has been suggested many times before, but the Coalition has not been organized yet. This was prevented by the following factors:

Up to now human rights protection organizations are not formed in every region of Ukraine.

Public organizations, which consider themselves participants of human rights protection movement, have reached rather different stages of their development.

The acting human rights protection organizations, being developed autonomously, use rather different approaches and methods.

In spite of these objective reasons and subjective obstacles, the time has come to organize interaction among human rights protection organizations of Ukraine. The political changes that occur in Ukraine lead the country to a mafia-kind dictatorship where the basic value is money. In this type of the state human rights will play a negligible role. In order to correct the situation and make human rights protection efficient we must interfere into the social processes on the national scale.

I appeal to all NGOs of Ukraine, which work in the sphere of human rights protection, calling them to unite. The first steps in this direction are the following:

Establishment of regular information exchange among human rights protection organizations (electronic messages, information bulletin ’Prava ludyny’, snail-mail, personal contacts, round tables, etc.).

Carrying out joint actions in order to protect concrete victims or organizing enlightenment actions, etc.

Development of the standards to which human rights protection organizations, which enter the human rights protection coalition, must satisfy.

As to these standards, they must be the following:

such organizations must act in the following three directions:

- distribution of information about human rights, their abuses, enlightenment of the public about news in the legislation, about international instruments of human rights, about methods and mechanisms of protection;

- human rights protection as such (protection of concrete victims, legal counseling, assisting the victims to protect their interests in administrative bodies and in court);

- analytical angle (monitoring of abuses of human rights in the region, collecting statistical data and its analytic processing, contacts with national and international analytical centers concerning human rights).

keeping activity open and transparent;

juridical competence;

good reputation in their region.

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