war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Results of law-enforcing bodies’ activity in the Kharkov oblast

11 January a press conference was held in Kharkov with the participation of Volodymir V. Kryvobok, the prosecutor of the Kharkov oblast, and general-major of militia Oleksandr A. Gapon, the head of the Kharkov directorate of the Ministry of Interior. They spoke about the results of the activity of law-enforcing bodies in the Kharkov oblast. They promised that such meetings would become regular in the future.

The oblast prosecutor told that in 1999 in the Kharkov oblast 44,023 crimes were registered, which is 1.26% less than in the previous year; 15,267 from them are grave crimes, which is 2.3% less than in 1998. The proportion of the criminals, who neither work nor study is steadily increasing. In 1999 their number achieved 64.8%. A sizeable proportion of crimes (16.8%) are committed in the state of alcoholic intoxication. The ODA department of the prosecutor’s office finished 1480 criminal cases; 13% of them were considered after the established deadline, 5.7% were returned for additional investigation, 21.8% of cases were closed.

The prosecutor pointed out that in 1999 his office worked more fruitfully in supporting the accusations in court.

During the year 279 cases of corruption were started (plus 17%). Three deputies of the city council were accused of bribe-taking, two of them have already been condemned to 5 and 4.5 years of incarceration with confiscation of property. Now the ODA is going on relative to the deputy head of the permanent commission of the city council. Besides, four deputies of the city council are accused of the administrative violations.

General-major O. A. Gapon declared a complete openness of his agency for journalists and for all society. General Gapon has been appointed to be the head of Kharkov militia recently, only two months ago, so this statement looks rather promising. He also said that the pay arrears to militiamen have reduced from Hr 10 million by 1 January 1999 down to Hr 5 millions by 1 January 2000.

As to the operative state in the oblast, the militia chief said that on the territory of the oblast 12 criminal gangs operate, that there are channels for laundering dirty money, that there are abuses of rules of currency operations, of faking strong drinks and many other crimes. He said that a group of telephone swindlers, who learned to switch into the telephone network and speak over telephone for the account of normal users. This is a pleasant news, for such an operation was carried out in Ukraine for the first time.

On 10 January a joint operation was carried out for checking the work of 23 custom posts. As a result two custom officers were detained for corruption, and the prosecutor’s office has already given the warrant for their arrest.

An operation is planned for disclosing economic crimes in the agrarian-industrial complex. In general the Kharkov directorate of the Ministry of Interior has vast plans for fighting with crime.

Everybody was interested in the changes of personnel. It was made public that recently more than 600 persons were dismissed from militia, 129 of them were dismissed for negative acts. 23 criminal cases have been started against militiamen, nine of them for crimes. Seven of them have already been passed to the court. Militiamen hold monthly conferences, where they discuss the discipline.

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