war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Are not you bored?

E. Zakharov, Kharkov
It is difficult not to agree with the most of I. Nikonova’s conclusions, but I think they need some corrections. By insisting that the power is guilty because it ‘put the Ukrainian language and culture under the conditions harsher than for the Russian’ Nikonova does not want to understand that the culture of Ukraine is created not only by ethnic Ukrainians in the Ukrainian language, but by everyone who lives and works in our country. She does not understand that all the books that are printed in Ukraine are Ukrainian books, regardless of the language. I am puzzled by the stubborn position of the Ukrainian and Russian cultural intelligentsia who do not notice each other instead of attempting to mutually enrich each other. Such attitude gives birth to clumsy decisions to introduce a 50% tax on the sale of books in the Russian language in Lviv with the further use of these funds for printing books in Ukrainian. Or, which is worse, to adopt a law to give financial privileges only for the publication of Ukrainian-language books. It is understandable that the state must support the publication of books in Ukrainian, but is it the correct way to create the market of the Ukrainian books? The result will be the opposite, which can be proved as a mathematical theorem — the book-sale business will fall into decay as a consequence of such a policy. People must not be coerced in the language sphere, and the coercion is what our ‘professional patriots’ try to do all the time, which gives birth to the natural protest of Russian-speakers and makes their ‘professional patriots’ to raise noise about the oppression of the Russian language and culture. After all, this is reflected in the political clashes. Are not you bored to step on the same rake again and again? As to me, I am tired to say obvious words that Ukraine is a many-national and many-lingual country, and that one language must not be oppressed by the other.
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