war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

How the rights guaranteed by law are observed in reality

V. Marmus, Chortkov
’Man, his life and health, honor and dignity, inviolability and security are acknowledged the top social value in Ukraine.

Each man has the unalienable right for life.’ Such rights are granted to our citizens by the most superior law of our state – the Constitution of Ukraine.

The question is how these rights are observed in reality? Do the state bodies, which are responsible for the security and order in the country, execute their duties well?

Composer Igor Belozir died because of beating by hoodlums or, maybe, hired killers. Nobody knows where and how has the journalist Georgiy Gongadze disappeared. General of militia Leonid Borodin has perished in the aviation crash under rather mysterious circumstances. And the law-enforcing bodies investigate these affairs in a very lax manner and with the clear unwillingness, actually, under the pressure of the public and the President.

The facts speck for themselves: we observe a crisis in the country that involved all the structures of the country, including the law-enforcing bodies. Racket, intimidating simple folks, hired killings became everyday routine, which does not surprise anybody, including the militia. On 22 September 2000 I. S. Paladiychuk, a dweller of the village of Shchuparka of the Ternopil oblast, who returned from his work in Poland, was cruelly beaten and robbed at the bus station of the Zaliznychny district in Lviv.

The criminals robbed his of all values: 700 USD, the foreign passport, all his baggage and even his cigarette lighter… Everything happened in the daytime, at the presence of many people. When the victim turned for help to the Zaliznichny district precinct, he was directed to another, Frankivskiy district, precinct, from where he was directed back.

The militiamen did not even write the protocol and did not note the description of the attackers (maybe they are already known to the militia?). The law-enforcers did not render any help to the victim and advised him to turn to militia at the place of his residence.

At the same time and in the same place a similar accident happened to a dweller of the town of Kotovsk of the Odessa oblast.

So, how can be guaranteed the security of our citizens declared by the Constitution, if the militia works as it does? It seems that the President was in a hurry when he awarded the Minister of Interior with the Order ’For services’?
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