war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Where and how to get material support

(Reference book, Moscow, ’NON-PROFIT’ Publishing house, 2000, 580 p. (Vash ghid v blagotvoritelnosti (Your guide in charity), Issue 1). 3000 copies, paperback, ISBN 5-901351-01-0)

A universal reference book ’Gde I kak poluchit podderzhku ot edinomyshlennikov’ has been published in Russia from the first time. The reference book contains the entire set of materials about fundraising – the modern technologies of the resource seeking for public and RAND organizations, as well as individual pretenders.

The reader will find here various methods of compiling the budget, a set of standard documents, samples of requests for grants and the rules of their filling in, contact data of donor organizations.

The main part contains the database about 872 foreign and international funds cooperating with Russia and other post-Soviet countries. Each article contains general information on the fund, branches that are financed, addresses.

In the part ’Internet addresses’ URLs of Web-sites of the main international donor organizations are listed.

The structure of the reference book facilitates finding the needed funds: the index of the fund interests; a list of concrete forms of the support; the alphabetic index of the fund names in Russia and English; lists of funds that have representations in the CIS countries.

Such book cannot be cheap, but if used reasonably, it will costs its weight in gold.

The reference book ’Gde I kak poluchit podderzhku ot edinomyshlennikov’ opens a series of books ’Vash ghid v blagotvoritelnosti’ of the new Moscow publishing house ’NON-PROFIT’ whose priorities lie in publishing books for the civil sector of Russia.

The orders for the reference book (the publishers’ cost is 300 rubles) send to the publishing house ’NON-PROFIT’. The address: MIIGAiK, office 504, 4 Gorokhovskiy bystreet, Moscow, 103064, Russia. Telephone: (095) 267-26-18, 759-00-72; fax: (095) 124-94-55; e-mail: [email protected]
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