war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.


Russia’s motives for armed terror against independent Crimean Tatar Muslim communities exposed in 'court'

Even occupation ‘courts’ found difficulty convicting Imams, who had led worship in their communities for decades, of ‘unlawful missionary activities’

Russia imports its own citizens, drives out Crimean Tatars, other Ukrainians to claim its 'right' to Crimea

10 years on, Russia is using demography as well as indoctrination to rewrite the facts about its invasion of Crimea, with the same methods used on all illegally occupied Ukrainian territory

Ukraine launches investigation into third Russian execution of Ukrainian prisoners of war in a week

As with the killing of over 50 prisoners of war at Olenivka in July 2022, it seems likely that such videos and news of the horrific treachery at Avdiivka are quite deliberately made public

Your families will suffer too: No limits to Russia’s persecution of Crimean Tatars and other Ukrainians

Russia is using fake ‘terrorism’ and ‘sabotage’ charges to not only imprison political prisoners for decades, but to punish their entire families

Russians kill unarmed and wounded Ukrainian prisoners of war near Avdiivka

It is unclear whether the Russians hope that the two separate videos from near Avdiivka and Vesele will demoralize Ukraine’s defenders or whether they simply like boasting of their barbaric war crimes

Insane sentence and 18 months of agonizing silence after Russia abducts two friends for opposing its war against Ukraine

Yevhen Pryshliak and his friend, Artem Baranov, a 32-year-old lawyer, were seized by the Russians in occupied Nova Kakhovka on 12 August 2022, with Russia refusing to even say where they are held

Ukrainian priest abducted and tortured to death in Russian-occupied Kherson oblast

Father Stepan Podolchak from the Orthodox Church of Ukraine had refused to betray his oath and his congregation by transferring affiliation to the Moscow patriarchate

Renowned Crimean Tatar lawyer detained and prosecuted for informing of illegal conscription into Russian army

This is the latest attack on a human rights lawyer whose tireless defence of political prisoners in occupied Crimea has made him a target for the occupation regime and renowned abroad. 

Major report on Russia’s devastation of Mariupol demands that Putin and military leaders are held to answer

The report by Human Rights Watch and Truth Hounds is particularly important given Russia’s attempts to conceal the evidence of its crimes, and to try to blame Ukrainian defenders for such crimes

Ukrainian journalist abducted, tortured and sentenced to 13 years for writing about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

For all its secrecy about the ‘spying’ charges it laid against Serhiy Tsyhipa, Russia is scarcely trying to conceal that he was targeted for his patriotism and opposition to Russia’s invasion


‘The neighbor was still alive and called his granddaughter to get him out from under the rubble,’ — a resident of Borodianka

During the bombing of Borodianka, Mykhailo Kokidko and his son received shell shock. The family barely had time to escape the destroyed burning house. After the evacuation, the man ended up under occupation in the neighboring village of Zahaltsi.

Nothing is sacred

The Russian occupiers destroyed hundreds of religious buildings and kidnapped, tortured, killed, and wounded dozens of priests... This was discussed at a press conference on the Russian occupier’s war crimes against Ukrainian religious communities and clergy.

‘I am running away from the war, but it's catching up with me,’ — a resident of Kramatorsk

Svitlana Leonova has been fleeing the war since 2015. At that time, she moved from the temporarily occupied Shakhtarsk to Kramatorsk, but on 24 February 2022, the war came to her home. Now, she lives in a modular town in Borodianka and dreams of returning home most of all.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child condemned violations of the rights of Ukrainian children by the Russian Federation

The Committee’s recommendations responded to the issues raised in the joint report of the ADC Memorial and the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group.

To the President of Ukraine V.O. Zelenskyi

The initiative group “December 1” opposed the dismissal of Zaluzhnyi.

‘I live in a modular town and weave nets,’ — a resident of Borodianka

On 1 and 2 March 2022, Russian aviation destroyed eight multi-storey residential buildings in Borodianka with powerful FAB-250 aerial bombs. Nadiia Khomich’s house was also destroyed. Now, the woman and her family live in a modular town. She weaves nets for the military, makes trench candles, and does not lose hope.

The Butchers of Vovchansk: Suspects named

They abducted the woman, fired a gun next to her ear, and beat her until she lost consciousness. Her tormentors have been named: a Russian citizen and someone from Luhansk are suspected of violating the laws and customs of war.

Our people are at home: 207 Ukrainians were returned from captivity

On January 31, more than two hundred soldiers and civilians were returned from Russian captivity.

‘I realisied that it's a kilometre to run through unexploded shells to get to the well...’ — Chronicles of occupied Izium

Vitalii Smazhev spent 100 days with his mother in occupied Izium (a town in Kharkiv Region). He had to dig graves for old people who were dying of cold and get food from destroyed supermarkets.

‘Our evacuation train was shot,’ — memoirs of a film director from Irpin

After ten days of being under shelling, Olha Hdulia left Irpin with one backpack and two cats. Like thousands of city residents, she evacuated across the destroyed Romanivsky Bridge, which is now called the Bridge of Life.

‘Graves of killed civilians in every yard’ — Yurii Liapkalo, Mariupol

Yurii Liapkalo and his three-year-old son Hlib tried to survive almost two months under constant shelling without normal food, water, heat, or communication. They managed to evacuate in April 2022. They live in the Czech Republic now, but sometimes Hlib still looks for shelter when he hears a rumble in the sky.

Mobilization of convicts: Pros and cons

On January 19, 2024, the Verkhovna Rada registered draft law No. 10419, which allows amnesty for specific categories of prisoners. On condition that they go to the frontline.