Documenting war crimes in Ukraine.
The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Our indicators of the legal assistance for 2021:

Public reception office of KHPG provided 2494 consultations, worked on 69 proceedings in the courts, won 34. Prepared 6 applications to the European Court of Human Rightrs (ECtHR) under Article 6 para.1 of the Convention.

Strategic Litigations Center of KHPG worked on 211 cases in the domestic courts, including 113 cases in national courts and 98 cases in ECtHR. There were 56 new cases in national courts, won 35 cases, lost 11. 41 cases were won in ECtHR, 41 new cases were sent. SLC provided 4 communications with the ECtHR and 10 communications with the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.


Russians abduct, torture and imprison young Crimean Tatar from Kherson oblast, then come for his father

Khalil Kurtamet has not been seen since he was seized by the Russian invaders of Novooleksiivka in Kherson oblast on 8 January 2023, almost six months after Russia also abducted his son

Russia reinstates Soviet street names in war against Ukrainian identity in occupied Melitopol

The Russian invaders claim to be eradicating “Ukrainian Nazi ideologists’ by changing the Ukrainian ‘Jewish St’ to the name of a Soviet communist, and removing a Crimean Tatar WWII hero

Russia challenged over Crimean Tatar civic journalist’s death sentence

Representatives of at least five European countries have attended the first appeal hearing in Moscow against horrifically long sentences passed on four recognized Crimean Tatar political prisoners

Court in Ukraine passes life sentence on a young Roma with an alibi whose arrest triggered Loshchynivka anti-Roma riots

The trial of Mykhailo Chebotar whose arrest in Loshchynivka triggered appalling anti-Roma riots has ended in a life sentence despite Chebotar’s alibi, apparently faked evidence and other very serious concerns

"Lawyer" who collaborated with Russian FSB"s torture of Crimean Tatar political prisoners faces disciplinary proceedings

Oleg Glushko simply watched on while the men he should have been representing were tortured by the FSB and actively took part in getting them to give false testimony

Russia deports Ukrainian children to orphanage in occupied Crimea condemned as a ‘concentration camp’

An independent Russian website has tracked down fourteen very small children abducted from Kherson while it was under Russian occupation and passed to a children’s home in occupied Crimea which was described in 2020 as “a children’s concentration camp”.

Over 400 victims of Russian aggression remain unidentified in liberated Kharkiv oblast

The bodies of victims continue to be found, including those of nine people killed when the Russians opened fire on two evacuation buses near Borova in Kharkiv oblast

Russia demands 18-year sentence for blind and disabled Ukrainian political prisoner on grotesque ‘terrorism’ charges

The Russian prosecution is claiming that blind and disabled Oleksandr Sizikov, together with Seiran Khairedinov and Alim Sufianov ‘sought to violently overthrow the Russian constitutional order” through religious and political discussions

Ukrainian works of literature and history banned as ‘extremist’ in Russian occupied Luhansk oblast

The list, probably drawn up in Moscow, prohibits all works on Holodomor and Ukrainian history in general, world-renowned writers, and even comics

Russia opens new prison for Ukrainian political prisoners abducted from Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts

This new prison is controlled by Russia’s FSB who have nine years’ experience of torturing Ukrainians and fabricating prosecutions with total impunity


Statement concerning the Human Rights Watch report on landmines use in Ukraine

We are convinced that posting of such a report may bring more significant harm than benefits. We attempted to stop this by contacting HRW. However, our efforts were in vain.

‘If I die, then only in my homeland’ — a resident of Izium refused to evacuate to Russia

Volunteer of the Red Cross of Ukraine — Tamara Shehin spent four months in the occupied Izium. She talks about how the Russians dropped cluster bombs on the city, shot down cars, and tormented people.

‘When they saw planes, they fell to the ground…’

We met 78-year-old Viktor Tymofiiovych on the ruins of his private house in Moschun in the Kyiv region. For many years he has been equipping his dwelling, which was destroyed instantly by an artillery shell when the Russian occupation troops went toward Kyiv in March 2022.

Alone with a gun against a pack of invaders

Olena Kratkovska"s father died on the seventh day of the war, defending his house in the village of Yahidne. He was a pensioner, but when the Russian invaders entered the village, he picked up a hunting rifle and went against the enemy.

We were allowed to go home on March 8th [International women’s day]. Russians kept residents of the Chernihiv region in the basement for a month

The school basement became the last refuge for some of the villagers. People slept on the floor for almost a month, huddled in cramped little rooms without proper food and medicines. Unfortunately, not everyone came out of the basement when the Ukrainian army de-occupied the village.

Poetry and Flowers Against the War – Digest of Russian Protests

‘I thought / that I was / a Russian / but this maniac / appears to also / think he is.’ The January issue of the Samara literature journal ‘Volga’ published anti-war poetry by German Lukomnikov.

‘I remained in the occupation because I couldn’t leave my dog’

Vitkovska Nataliia and her husband survived the occupation of Borodianka. Then, one day, eight Russian soldiers entered their house and began looking for the Banderites (a name for Ukrainian nationalists used by Russian propaganda) and the Nazis. According to Nataliia, they did not understand that no one was expecting such “liberators”.

110 days in the torture dungeon — Anti Terrorist Operation (ATO) member talks about torture in the Kupiansk temporary detention center

Vadym Kutsenko served in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and resigned before the end of 2022. In February, he came to Kupiansk on business. Here he got caught in a full-scale war and occupation. Soon he was denounced and ended up in the infamous Kupiansk TDF (temporary detention facility).

‘Cemetery in the garden, looting, and drunken soldiers’ — a resident of Borodianka spoke about the occupation’

Tetiana Klihunova and her family survived the occupation in the village of Borodianka. She had to communicate with the Russian military and bury her neighbors in the garden. She confesses that household chores saved her.

Spontaneous Memorial on Ukrainsky Boulevard – Digest of Russian Protests

After a Russian missile hit an apartment block in Dnipro, killing over 45 civilians, including 6 children, Muscovites began bringing flowers and children’s toys to the monument to the Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka