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The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Declaration of ethical principles of Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group



We, members of Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group (KHPG),

  • recognizing the values of human dignity, liberty, human rights, humane civil society, a democratic state governed by the rule of law, and respect for nature as the primary principles of human life;
  • understanding the responsibility for implementing our dream – to promote the creation of a humane society in Ukraine based on respect for human life and dignity, harmonious relations between man, society and nature, which would guarantee human rights and fundamental freedoms;
  • confirming our own loyalty to the ideals and principles proclaimed in the General Declaration of Human Rights, humanitarian articles of the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference, other international legal instruments adopted on their basis, taking into account the civilizational challenges of the XXI century;
  • seeking to continue the traditions of international and Ukrainian human rights protection movement;
  • consciously trying to implement high ethical standards in the activities of KHPG – in order to make our activity more understandable to the society, more conscious, predictable and effective;
  • proclaim this "Declaration of Ethical Principles of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group" and declare our intention to be guided by it in our daily activities.

We voluntarily agree that the basic ethical principles of the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group are considered to be:

  • Conformity of our own actions to the declared mission, purposes, principles and values
  • Democratic governance
  • Independence and impartiality
  • Responsibility
  • Active civil position
  • Non-violence
  • Openness and transparency
  • Tolerance
  • Solidarity and friendly cooperation
  • Modesty

1. The principle of conformity of own actions to the declared mission, purposes, principles and values

  1. KHPG acts in accordance with a specific and clear mission, jointly defined goals, principles and values.
  2. In its activities, KHPG adheres to the norms of international and national legislation, its own Charter.
  3. KHPG members seek to develop and implement specific norms of ethics of communication and personal actions.

2. The principle of democratic governance

  1. KHPG respects its members and ensures equal rights and opportunities to participate in decision-making and access to information.
  2. KHPG ensures the observance of democratic procedures in the management of the organization, the responsibility of the management and staff of the organization to its members.

3. The principle of independence and impartiality

  1. KHPG is independent and impartial in defining its own mission, goals, principles, values and in making decisions.
  2. KHPG protects human rights and fundamental freedoms regardless of race, colour, sex, nationality, ethnic or social origin, property or other status, position, occupation, place of residence, language, religion, political and other beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity.
  3. Interacting with state, political, commercial structures, media, and other public associations, KHPG avoids dependence on them - especially when such dependence threatens human rights, fundamental freedoms, declared mission, values and principles of the organization.
  4. KHPG seeks independence from public opinion, in particular when it contradicts the declared mission and values shared by members of the organization.
  5. KHPG and its members cannot support any political party in any form. Political choice is a personal matter for members of the KhPG. Election to the governing bodies of the KHPG is incompatible with membership in political parties and tenure in the public service.

4. The principle of responsibility

  1. KHPG members strive to achieve maximum reliability and objectivity of the information disseminated by them.
  2. KHPG members operate within their competence, constantly striving for self-improvement and achieving the highest standards of professionalism.
  3. KHPG, its members and governing bodies strive to fulfil their obligations, adhere to written and oral agreements and arrangements.
  4. KHPG members respect the authorship of ideas and projects, avoid plagiarism and unfair competition.

5. The principle of active civil position

  1. In the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, members of KHPG try to defend an active civil position.

6. The principle of non-violence

  1. KHPG does not promote or use violence to achieve its goals.

7. The principle of openness and transparency

  1. Information about the mission, goals, principles, means of activity and specific cases of KHPG is open to the public.
  2. KHPG is open for cooperation with other civil organizations that share its mission, values, goals and principles of activity.
  3. KHPG seeks to establish a permanent dialogue and interaction with other social structures.
  4. The principle of openness does not apply to personal information about persons who have applied to KHPG for protection of their rights.
  5. KHPG annually publishes a comprehensive report on its activities.
  6. KHPG draws up an honest and transparent budget for its own projects, regularly publishes an annual financial report indicating the sources of funding and use of funds received.

8. The principle of tolerance

  1. KHPG members respect differences in thinking, diversity of public associations and their goals.
  2. KHPG members try not to compromise other organizations and their colleagues.
  3. KHPG members respect the position of the minority in the organization.

9. The principle of solidarity and friendly partnership

  1. In order to achieve common goals, KHPG members strive for effective collaboration and pooling of resources within and outside the organization.
  2. KHPG members show solidarity and mutual support in the organization.
  3. In the event of a conflict between members of the KHPG, they shall be guided by the ethical principles set forth in this Declaration and shall seek to resolve the conflict through dialogue and compromise within the organization so as not to damage KHPG's reputation.
  4. Members of KHPG, in particular those elected to the governing bodies of the organization, must adhere to the mutually recognized norms of morality in the communication and actions.

10. The principle of modesty

  1. KHPG tries to use financial, material, human, natural resources as efficiently and sparingly as possible, directing them mainly to the realization of the statutory goals and maintaining the proper resource capacity of the organization.
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