war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.


Russia imposes jail or fines for correct maps of Ukraine claiming they 'violate its territorial integrity'

Russia’s State Duma has adopted a bill which envisages jail for up to 15 days or massive fines (up to one million roubles) for maps which correctly show Crimea or other occupied Ukrainian territory as part of Ukraine

Sharp increase in persecution for pro-Ukrainian position in Russian-occupied Crimea

Russian occupation 'courts' are willing to convict Ukrainians of 'discrediting the Russian army' over the Ukrainian national anthem or flag, songs, or the phrase 'a peaceful sky above our head'

Russia effectively sentences veteran Crimean Tatar activist to death for somebody else’s voice on a tape

A second Russian court has found no problem in passing an effective death sentence, without any crime and without the defendant’s voice even on the tape of an innocuous conversation presented as ‘evidence’ against him

Volodymyr Panasenko, victim of Ukraine’s most egregious miscarriage of justice, freed after over 16 years

A Ukrainian court has finally released Volodymyr Panasenko after well over 16 years in prison for a crime that nobody ever believed he had committed

Crimean Tatar activist sentenced to 18 years for discussing religion and Russian repression

Only Moscow wins when the horrific sentences passed against innocent men, like Ernes Seitosmanov pass without adequate protest

Armed Russian FSB violently arrest peaceful Jehovah’s Witness in occupied Crimea

Russia’s FSB have arrested 31-year-old Jehovah’s Witness Maksym Zynchenko in occupied Feodosia bringing to 23 the number of Ukrainians in occupied Crimea either serving sentences or facing ‘trial’ purely for practising their faith

Russian ‘Big Brother surveillance’intensified in occupied Mariupol

The technology may be 21st century, but Russia is certainly reinstating Soviet-style censorship, surveillance and denunciations

New arrest on grotesque criminal charges in Russia’s attack on Perm Memorial and historical memory

This is the latest of a series of attacks on Memorial, targeted not only for its commitment to uncovering historical truth, but for its unwavering position on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and on Ukrainian political prisoners

Invaders remove Ukrainian from schools under Russian occupation, and want to eliminate English

The Russian invaders use all forms of terror and pressure to remove Ukrainian from schools, and may well want to go further than the USSR and get rid of the English language also

Russian FSB force Crimean Tatar to sign blank 'confessions' to railway sabotage or “never see his family again”

Russia is continuing to extract fictitious 'confessions' through abductions with police or FSB victims held incommunicado, with every reason to fear for their lives


‘A soldier must be a coward and, when necessary, a hero’

Oleksandr, the code name “Typhoon”, has been fighting since the age of 24. Having survived captivity after Ilovaisk, he will not be captured again.

International Memorial Association Statement

On February 22, 2022, International Memorial was dissolved by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. But, as we see, Memorial cannot be “dissolved”, just as a human being cannot be deprived of their innate ability to keep memories and reflect.

‘Russian military defeat will enhance the probability of bringing Russia to justice’ Yevgeniy Zakharov’s interview to the Ukrainian NGO ‘Media Detector’

In the interview, the Kharkiv Human Rights Group director tells why, in his opinion, the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize has been misperceived by many in Ukraine. He also explains who in Ukraine is eligible to receive a part of the Memorial Prize.

Mariupol. ‘A sniper killed my husband’

We spoke with Olha Leus from Mariupol at the YaMariupol center in Lviv, where the Kharkiv human rights group came to help Mariupol residents who live in Lviv after leaving their hometown.

There is brotherhood in ‘Azov’

Ruslan, a fighter from the “Azov” brigade, speaks about his way to “Azov”, a book that changed his worldview, an actual image of Ukraine, and a feeling of support and victory.

Liquidating the SOVA Center: The Official End of Religious Freedom in Russia

By destroying the leading organization monitoring religious liberty violations, the Putin regime can no longer pretend that relics of freedom of religion remain in Russia.

A small loaf of gray bread, a quarter for each family

Iryna Kravchenko is a resident of Rubizhne. In 2014, the invaders retreated, leaving behind devastation and mined forests. In 2022, they returned and practically destroyed the city.

‘The city became a ghost… Everything burned with blue flames’

A resident of Popasna, Ivan Hnatenko, hid in the basement for 38 days. One day a rocket hit his house. He collected snow in buckets with his neighbors, trying to extinguish the fire, but the house burned down. The Russians plundered his son and daughter's property. He says that he will not wish such a fate to the enemy.

‘We collected snow, heated it and cooked food on it’, says a mother of many children from Mariupol

Kateryna Mykula escaped with her three children from Mariupol. She tells how they lived in a basement, cooked on a fire, and most of all they were afraid of the enemy aircraft because in an airbomb crater even a “KAMAZ” (large truck) could hide — so big this crater was. The interview was prepared by Lviv journalist Taras Zozulinskiy.

‘For some reason we were convinced that our house would not be hit by a rocket’

Squirrels, four cats, a dog, guinea pigs — with all this wealth, future veterina-rian Oksana Lopatiuk escaped from a burning house.

‘Three shells exploded in my yard,’ — a Bohdanvka resident’s story

Marіia Petrivna has long retired; she has two daughters, a son, and six great-grandchildren. She ended up under Russian occupation with her son, and the Russians set up a headquarters next to her house. Mariia urged the Russian military to remember God and not disturb the villagers.

‘My brother was blown up by a tripwire mine. We don't know anything about his fate’

Meshcheriakova Tetiana was evacuated from the village of Seredne to Kramatorsk, to her mother. “Once it hit so hard that it blew out the windows, and then it hit again… Then we decided not to tempt fate and evacuate to Lviv,” — says Tetiana.