Documenting war crimes in Ukraine.
The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Our indicators of the legal assistance for 2021:

Public reception office of KHPG provided 2494 consultations, worked on 69 proceedings in the courts, won 34. Prepared 6 applications to the European Court of Human Rightrs (ECtHR) under Article 6 para.1 of the Convention.

Strategic Litigations Center of KHPG worked on 211 cases in the domestic courts, including 113 cases in national courts and 98 cases in ECtHR. There were 56 new cases in national courts, won 35 cases, lost 11. 41 cases were won in ECtHR, 41 new cases were sent. SLC provided 4 communications with the ECtHR and 10 communications with the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe.


Russia sentences three Ukrainian Jehovah’s Witnesses to six years for "threatening state security" by discussing the Bible

It was claimed that, by reading and discussing religious literature, the defendants had “committed a grave crime against the constitutional order and the security of the state”.

Bodies of more tortured victims and Russian torture chambers found in liberated parts of Kharkiv oblast

This brings to at least twenty the number of Russian prisons / torture chambers which have come to light since the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the area in early September.

Russian atrocities at Bucha may be nothing to those that will be found when Kherson is liberated

While claiming near 100% support for ‘joining Russia’ in its fake referendum, the Russian invaders are intensifying so-called ‘filtration measures’, with almost any residents in danger of being seized and / or disappearing

Crimea beauty queen convicted of ‘discrediting Russia"s Armed Forces" by singing a Ukrainian patriotic song’

A Russian-controlled ‘court’ in occupied Crimea has fined this year’s ‘Miss Crimea’ and jailed her friend for singing the Ukrainian patriotic song ‘Chervona Kalyna’ [‘Red Kalyna, or Vibernum’].

Russia refuses to return Ukrainian children taken from Kharkiv oblast

Since the beginning of its full-scale invasion, Russia has illegally taken at least seven thousand children from their native Ukraine, with the real figure likely to be much higher.

13 children killed in Russian attack on civilian convoy in Kharkiv oblast

24 Ukrainian civilians, including a pregnant woman and 13 children, were killed on 25 September when they came under attack while trying to flee from Russian shelling

EU countries turn back Crimean Tatars fleeing forced mobilization to fight Russia"s war against Ukraine

A tragedy is unfolding in countries bordering the Russian Federation and Belarus with Crimean Tatars yet again in particular danger

Dead souls and infants ‘voted’ in Russia’s sham ‘referendums’ on annexing Ukrainian territory

In occupied parts of both the Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts, the alleged number of people who ‘voted’ in Russia’s sham ‘referendums’ on annexation far exceeded the actual number of residents

Russian occupation means 14-year sentences for being Ukrainian and refusing to ‘confess’ to insane charges

Russia’s claim that almost all Ukrainians in occupied Donbas, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia oblasts ‘voted’ for annexation is not only grotesque because of the carnage and destruction Russia has brought since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Mutilated bodies in Izium mass graves and other atrocities after Russian invaders driven out

While Russia stages its sham ‘referendums’ to claim local support for it annexing occupied parts of Ukraine, investigators are continuing to uncover evidence of Russian crimes in those parts of the Kharkiv oblast which were liberated in early September.


Our approach to substantiating the crime of genocide committed by Russian troops after February 24, 2022

The goal of the Russian Federation is the destruction of the Ukrainian state and that part of Ukrainians who consider themselves citizens of Ukraine and do not agree to submit to the aggressor state. This goal forms genocidal intent, however, it was carried out differently in different regions of Ukraine. This publication is dedicated to the genocide in Mariupol.

From a Zwastika to "No to the War". Anti-war activities in Russia, 9-18 September

A large letter “Z”, a Zwastika as it’s now called, was painted on a hillside opposite Divnigorsk (Krasnoyarsk Region). Beneath the letter, stones were assembled to spell the town’s name. A protestor clambered up the hillside, took one bar off the Z and rearranged the stones to read “No to the War”.

Look at this instead. Anti-war activities in Russia, 2-11 September 2022

A Russian artist Alevtina Yelsukova has sewn a quilt resembling the TV signal screen and sold it at auction. The money will be used to buy blankets for Ukrainian refugees. This quilt could cover the largest TV screen and stop anyone watching it again

There’s always a choice. Anti-war activities in Russia, 23-27 August

Russia today is a dictatorial regime with strict censorship. Yet as a protestor from a small village in Central Russia wrote of recent attempts to bribe men into joining the army, “You can’t cure death with money. There’s always a choice”.

Vovchansk Engineering Works: Dungeons on the Chechen Model

​​​​​​​On Sunday, 11 September, Vovchansk was one of dozens of towns and villages liberated by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. A month ago, Iryna Skachko described the use to which its largest factory was put during months of enemy occupation.

Information about Russia’s war crimes is now available in seven languages

KHPG and other Ukrainian human rights NGOs are launching a website of the T4P war crimes initiative.

Fascism is here in Russia. Anti-war activities in Russia, 15-22 August

New investigations into acts “discrediting” the Russian army were opened in Elista (Kalmykia, South Russia), in Buinaksk (Dagestan) and Ingushetia in the North Caucasus, and in Petrozavodsk (Karelia), St Petersburg and Krasnodar (South Russia).

‘They shot at our feet, near us, and one guy was wounded with an electric shocker...’

The Russian military said, “Now there will be an execution here, take everything out of your jacket pockets and sit down,” — how the Russian military mocked the volunteers in the occupied Mariupol.

Half a Year of the Full-Scale War in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv Region

Incidents in Kharkiv and the Kharkiv region recorded by the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group during the first 180 days of the full-scale Russia-Ukraine war (February 24–August 22, 2022).

Those who unleashed this war will not go to Heaven. Anti-War activities In Russia, 7-14 August 2022

St Petersburg priest Father Ioann Kurmoyarov has been held in custody since 9 June. “The blessed peace-makers will end up in Heaven,” he said. “you understand what I’m saying? The peace-makers. Those who unleashed this aggression will not be going there.”