Our indicators of the legal assistance for July-December 2020:

Public reception office of KHPG provided 1212 consultations, worked on 62 proceedings in the courts, including 15 new proceedings, completed 18 cases, won 10. Prepared 5 applications to the European Court under Article 6 para.1 of the Convention.

Strategic Litigations Center of KHPG worked on 136 cases in the domestic courts, including 61 new cases, won 13 cases. It worked on 34 cases in the European Court, including 22 new cases. 7 cases were won, 3 communications with the Court, 1 communication with Committee of Ministers of CoE, 22 new applications to the Court and 1 application under the Rule 39 of the Rules of Court were carried out


Huge sentences against Crimean Tatar political prisoners mean fat bonuses for Russia’s FSB

Russia is using ‘terrorism’ charges against Crimean Tatar political prisoners, with the FSB involved in such flawed cases known to receive bonuses or promotion

Ex-Berkut officer on trial for Maidan killings reinstated in Ukraine’s police force

The District Administrative Court in Kyiv has allowed a claim by Oleksandr Marynchenko, one of the former Berkut officers accused of gunning down unaimed Maidan activists on 20 February 2014 and has reinstated him in Ukraine’s police force.

Ukrainian Police Open Murder Case After Finding Missing Belarusian Activist "Hanged" In Kyiv

Ukrainian police launched a murder investigation on August 3 after missing Belarusian activist Vital Shyshou was found hanged in a park near his home in Kyiv.

Russia’s unrelenting torture of Ukrainian Maidan activist Valentin Vyhivsky

Since its invasion of Crimea, Russia has abducted and imprisoned a large number of Ukrainians, in several cases holding them incommunicado for many months and mercilessly torturing them to extract ‘confessions’ to non-existent crimes

Russia tricks residents of occupied Donbas into voting in its ‘elections’ in new aggression against Ukraine

Putin’s decrees making it easy for Ukrainians in Donbas to obtain Russian citizenship were internationally condemned as an act of hostility against Ukraine and this new development should surely receive just as firm a response

Heartbreaking letter from Ukrainian pensioner sentenced by Russian occupiers to 12 years for ‘treason’

The letter from 66-year-old Halyna Dovhopola essentially confirms suspicions that the pensioner was targeted because of her pro-Ukrainian views

Ukraine makes second attempt to try ex-Donbas militant leader for treason, terrorism and Izolyatsia torture prison

Judging by his reasons for preferring to remain in detention, Roman Lyahin has provided the Ukrainian prosecutor with information not only about Ukrainian militants, but also about Russian military personnel and civilians involved in the conflict

Russia is trying to destroy historian Yury Dmitriev and “what they’ve done to his daughter is even more horrifying”

Details of the weaponization of a child in Russia’s attack on the world-renowned historian who helped restore the truth about Stalin’s Terror

Almost four thousand Crimeans stripped of their land by Russian occupiers

This number is likely to grow following a new illegal decree in force since March 2021 forcing Ukrainians to take Russian citizenship or risk losing their homes in Crimea.

Crimean Tatar prisoner of conscience serving 19-year sentence in Russia suffers stroke

Russian prison authorities are planning to place 58-year-old Inver Bekirov in the torture-like conditions of a punishment cell [SHIZO], despite his grave state of health following a micro stroke


A brief description of the KHPG strategic litigations in the first half of 2021

SSU Reform: Challenges and Prospects. The Study

The authors suggested the ways of reforming the SSU, based on the international standards and the best global experience.

Legal Opinion on the political motives of the criminal prosecution and violations of human rights in criminal proceedings of Konstantin Zhevago

Konstantin Zhevago is a victim of political persecution. Aggregate analysis of the facts of the case indicates that the political motives for the persecution of Zhevago are caused by illegitimate considerations of socio-political nature of senior officials and officers of the state.

An Open Statement Of The Human Rights NGOs On The ECHR Judge Candidates Competition in Ukraine

Human rights organizations "believe that the competition for the selection of candidates for the ECHR judge from Ukraine does not correspond to the recommendations of the PACE."

Reform strategy of medical care for prisoners

The state of medical care for convicts (especially those serving sentences of physical isolation from society) is extremely poor today.

Prisoners’ rights to health protection and medical care in 2014-2021: KHPG report

The reform of the SCES healthcare system failed to improve the quality of prison healthcare, which in most PIs remains unsatisfactory or outright catastrophic due to the shortage of medical personnel, equipment and medicines.

Prisoners’ rights in Ukraine 2014-2021: KHPG report

Conditions of detention in many PIs are inconsistent with international standards and constitute inhuman or degrading treatment, as recognized multiple times by the European Court of Human Rights.

Appeal of All-Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations on solving the problem of innocent convicts

As there is no legal procedure left in Ukraine to correct judicial errors, we call on the President of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to adopt a bill as soon as possible that will release innocent convicted Ukrainian citizens from unjust captivity and fulfil the most important task of restoring hope and faith in justice for the citizens of Ukraine!

June 3 Letter to the Members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

We, the co-signatories of this letter, are writing to share with you our concerns about the ongoing reform of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

The Bill on SBU is unacceptable, it should be buried

The bill No.3196-д in the edition for the second reading concentrates excessive uncontrolled power in the hands of the Security Service of Ukraine. Extremely inaccurate and vague definitions of some basic concepts leave a lot of room for abuse. Despite the declaration of refusal of pre-trial investigation, the SBU is in fact becoming a powerful law enforcement body with much greater powers than other security bodies, which receives levers to control the activities of all other state bodies.