Our indicators of the legal assistance for July-December 2020:

Public reception office of KHPG provided 1212 consultations, worked on 62 proceedings in the courts, including 15 new proceedings, completed 18 cases, won 10. Prepared 5 applications to the European Court under Article 6 para.1 of the Convention.

Strategic Litigations Center of KHPG worked on 136 cases in the domestic courts, including 61 new cases, won 13 cases. It worked on 34 cases in the European Court, including 22 new cases. 7 cases were won, 3 communications with the Court, 1 communication with Committee of Ministers of CoE, 22 new applications to the Court and 1 application under the Rule 39 of the Rules of Court were carried out


Russia excludes Ukrainian from the census it is illegally holding in occupied Crimea

While constantly demanding official status for the Russian language in Ukraine and claiming that Russian speakers face ‘discrimination’, Russia has not included Ukrainian in the list of languages which can be used in completing its 2021 census

Mass detentions and fines for trying to attend a political trial in Russian-occupied Crimea

‘Judges’ in Russian-occupied Crimea spent 26 October imposing a huge number of fines for entirely fabricated ‘infringements’ by Crimean Tatar civic journalists and activists, as well as by the lawyer who had arrived to represent them

Fears for the life of tortured Ukrainian hostage held by Russian-controlled Donbas militants

Valery Matiushenko’s family have heard nothing from or about him since 8 October, and it appears that the Russian-controlled militants are deliberately hiding him

Lawyer detained in Russian-occupied Crimea and ordered to strip naked

Edem Semedlyaev, one of the lawyers tirelessly defending victims of repression in occupied Crimea, was detained on 25 October and remains in custody on frighteningly lawless charges

Russia brings 17-year sentences without any crime to occupied Crimea

Rustem Emiruseinov, Eskender Abdulganiev and Arsen Abkhairov have learned first-hand the terribly high price Russia exacts from those unwilling to look away when fellow Crimean Muslims are facing persecution

Six-year sentence for reading the Bible in Russian-occupied Crimea

A Russian-controlled ‘court’ in occupied Crimea has sentenced 49-year-old Igor Schmidt to six years’ imprisonment for practising his faith as a Jehovah’s Witness.

A child when seized, Bohdan Kovalchuk has spent 5 years in Donbas militant captivity

It is over five years since the Russian proxy ‘Donetsk people’s republic’ [DPR] seized five young lads and forced them to give videoed ‘confessions’ for DPR and Russian propaganda.

Indefinite ‘quarantine cell’ used against Crimean Tatar who exposed Russian FSB torture

Russia’s imprisonment of Crimean Tatar Mejlis leader Nariman Dzhelyal, Asan Akhtemov and his cousin Aziz seems all about revenge with this doubtless one of the reasons for isolating Asan and half-starving him

Russian mercenary who committed war crimes in Donbas receives special honour in Russia

Russia has named a border patrol boat after Russian warlord Arsen Pavlov in the latest move to glorify a mercenary who boasted of committing war crimes in Donbas.

2 years for setting a person alight, while Russia demands 20-year sentences against Crimean Tatars for discussing their faith

Russia has set a new shocking record in sentences demanded without any crime except civic activism, and has done so a day after a person received an absurdly low sentence for trying to set his partner alight


Why was the list of candidates for the position of a judge of the European Court of Human Rights from Ukraine rejected?

The national competition did not meet the requirements of the Council of Europe, and the rejection of the list of candidates was expected, as in 2019. The recommendations are given on what needs to be done for the third competition to be successful.

The bill on oligarchs “Prepares extrajudicial dealings”

Analysis of the draft law adopted in the first reading. The text for the second reading has not been published.

Where are you going, Ukraine?

Appeal of the First of December Initiative Group on the situation with the rule of law.

Online presentation “Human Dignity and the Way of Lev Kopelev”

We invite you to take part in the online presentation, which will be held by the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group in cooperation with the “Human Rights” publishing house and the Ukrainian Center of the International PEN Club on 7 September at 18.00 Kiev time.

What is next?

The list of shortcomings of the bill, which is now submitted for second reading, can be extended for a long time. They are so large in size that it seems impossible to fix them.

The main threat is in ourselves

To the 30th anniversary of Ukrainian independence.

«Blessed is he who visited this world in its fateful moments...»

August 1991: the short chronicle of events

A brief description of the KHPG strategic litigations in the first half of 2021

Seventh Periodic Report of Ukraine on Implementation of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

KHPG has prepared the Shadow Report to the draft report of the Government and offers it to the reader.

SSU Reform: Challenges and Prospects. The Study

The authors suggested the ways of reforming the SSU, based on the international standards and the best global experience.