war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.


Russia charges Crimean who refused to fight against Ukraine with ‘treason’

Denys Narolsky could face a life sentence for refusing to take up arms against his own country and for trying to get to mainland Ukraine

Crimean Solidarity journalist convicted of ‘abusing freedom of media’ in posts about Crimean Tatar political prisoners

These administrative prosecutions are clearly, and ominously, aimed at intimidating courageous journalist and human rights defender Lutfiye Zudiyeva

Horrific sentences against Ukrainians accused of ‘international terrorism’ for opposing Russian occupation

Little is known about Vitaly Rastorhuev and Volodymyr Kryvtsun except that they were abducted from Berdiansk with one of the men tortured into providing a ‘confession’ to match the predetermined charge

Russian occupation ‘court’ convicts Jehovah’s Witness of ‘extremism’ for reading excerpts from the Bible

The sentence was, thankfully, lower than that demanded by the ‘prosecutor’ against Maksym Zinchenko for peacefully practising his faith

Ukrainian children brainwashed in Russia’s ‘Youth Army’ into wanting to fight against Ukraine

Russia is not necessarily succeeding, but the aim is chilling - to destroy the children's Ukrainian identity and get them to want to 'defend' those invading their country

Crimean Tatar political prisoner diagnosed with tuberculosis, other life-threatening conditions contracted in Russian captivity

Tofik Abdulgaziev is no longer in a critical care ward, however he is suffering many life-threatening conditions, with these effectively part of Russia’s reprisals for his human rights activism

Solo ‘trials’ after Russia stages mass arrests claiming Ukrainian attack on Crimean occupation officials

There are only videoed ‘confessions’ almost certainly extracted through torture to prove the claims that six (or seven) men were planning ‘terrorist attacks’

Russian invaders turn Kherson oblast culture centre into torture chamber for ‘unreliable’ Ukrainians

At least five Ukrainian civilians are known to be held and almost certainly tortured at Odradivka, with the Russians having tortured at least two of their victims, including a Ukrainian Orthodox priest to death over recent months

Russia incriminates itself through ‘trial’ of Ukrainian abducted 7 years ago in occupied Donbas

The secrecy this time is not only because the charges are absurd, but to hide the inconvenient detail that Oleksandr Korol has been held hostage since 2017

Russian traffic police used for enforced disappearances and FSB terror in occupied Crimea

Likely involvement in the enforced disappearance of Crimean Tatar activist Ervin Ibragimov is the most chilling, but not the only way in which Russia’s traffic police are complicit in Russia’s crimes


Russia, Jehovah’s Witnesses banned since 20 April 2017

World Headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses (20.04.2024) – April 20th marks the seventh anniversary of Russia’s nationwide ban on Jehovah’s Witnesses, which has led to hundreds of peaceful believers jailed and some brutally tortured.

‘Words cannot express what we experienced,’ — a resident of the village of Zahaltsi

Olena Shevchenko lives in the village of Zahaltsi, Kyiv Region. Together with her grandchildren, the woman endured several weeks under endless shelling. People were hiding in the basement, and everything outside was on fire.

‘I saw a plane drop a bomb on my house’

Oksana Halchenko is a resident of Borodianka. She says that the Russians fired at houses from tanks if they saw someone in the window. The woman evacuated after her home was destroyed. Her sister spent a month under occupation, refusing the “attractive” offers of the occupiers to evacuate to Russia.

Dmytro Vovk: Is it possible to ban the Ukranian Orthodox Church?

In the first reading, the Verkhovna Rada adopted draft law No. 8371 on the prohibition of religious organizations that have a center of influence in the Russian Federation. The essence of the draft law, whether this ban is proportional, and how it will affect the relationship between the Ukrainian state and the church are discussed in this article.

‘240 houses were razed to the ground, and 700 were damaged’ — resident of the village of Zahaltsi

Oleksandr Voinalovych lives in the village of Zahaltsi, Kyiv Region. He is a former employee of the State Emergency Service. When a full-scale war began, and there were already many occupiers around the village, Oleksandr evacuated women and children by school bus.

‘I told the Russians at the checkpoints that I was going to Azovstal’

The superstar volunteer from Mariupol says he fought his way into the besieged city several times while the Russian army continually bombed it.

‘We prayed aloud all the way,’ says deacon Mykola Serdiuk, describing how his family left their occupied village.

At the beginning of the war, Mykola Serdiuk was with his family in the occupied vil-lage of Havrylivka near Hostomel (Kyiv Region). To leave, they had to sneak through Russian checkpoints at their own risk. They saw columns of Russian tanks, smashed cars in ditches, but with God's help and prayer they made it to safety.

No more tolerance to Putin’s regime!

An appeal from scholars of the world.

‘One brother perished, the second was barely saved’ — the story of a resident of Zahaltsi

Svitlana Zamitailo lives in the village of Zahaltsi, Kyiv Region. The woman's family lost everything they had: their house and possessions. But the worst thing is that the war took the life of her brother, who was transporting people and humanitarian aid.

‘The Russians killed people with bestial cruelty’

Red Cross volunteer Mykhailo Tulskyi was under occupation in Borodianka and saw with his own eyes the terrible crimes committed by the Russian military against civilians and military personnel. The man is now being treated for PTSD.

‘It was impossible to endure here,’ — a resident of Borodianka

Hanna Shmorhun is a resident of the notorious house at 353 Central Street in Borodianka. She hid in a private home with her neighbors, but it was not safe there either. The Russians bombarded houses with tanks, shot people in the streets, and buried the dead in a ditch.

Absence of law and international control

What happens to Ukrainian civilians in Russian captivity.