Our indicators of the legal assistance for January-June 2021:

Public reception office of KHPG provided 1348 consultations, worked on 49 proceedings in the courts, including 11 new proceedings, completed 21 cases, won 14. Prepared 2 applications to the European Court under Article 6 para.1 of the Convention.

Strategic Litigations Center of KHPG worked on 85 cases in the domestic courts, including 27 new cases, won 9 cases. It worked on 34 cases in the European Court, including 20 new cases. 19 cases were won, 6 communications with the Court, 1 communication with Committee of Ministers of CoE, 20 new applications to the Court  were carried out.


Russia extends terror and abductions from occupied Crimea and Donbas to all of Ukraine

Since its total invasion of Ukraine on 22 February 2022, the Russian military have been seizing Ukrainian civilians in all areas that fall under their control, with such crimes dating back to at least the 19th century

Russian invaders torture and threaten to kill civilian hostage in revenge for their military losses

27-year-old Mykola Zakharchuk was tortured and expected to be killed by Russian soldiers who felt aggrieved that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had killed other Russian invaders of Ukraine

Russian prosecutor demands 20-year sentence on ‘fantasy charges’ against Crimean Tatar political prisoner

Even if the indictment had been proven, and it has not, Russia would be seeking to imprison a Ukrainian citizen for two decades for so-called ‘propaganda’ of an organization which is perfectly legal in Ukraine

Russia uses abducted Ukrainians for propaganda video claiming Ukraine is bombing ‘liberated’ Melitopol

It is near certain that the men gave their supposed ‘confessions’ under torture, with the video yet another extraordinary attempt by Russia to try against all evidence, to blame the Ukrainian Armed Forces for its bombing and shelling of civilians

Ukrainian POWs and abducted civilian hostages illegally imprisoned in Russian-occupied Crimea

Since the beginning of Russia’s total invasion, Russian soldiers have been abducting Ukrainian civilians, many of whom are held prisoner in occupied Crimea

Prohibited remembrance of Crimean Tatar genocide and mounting terror in Russian occupied Crimea

Those who believe that Ukraine must accept Russia’s occupation of Crimea so that Putin can ‘save face’ should bear in mind the mounting persecution of Crimean Tatars including in areas recently invaded

Artist disappears after arrest for pro-Ukrainian anti-war protest in Russian occupied Crimea

The whereabouts are unknown of Yevpatoria artist Bohdan Ziza {Azizov) who was detained for a pro-Ukrainian protest in the centre of occupied Yevpatoria on 16 May.

Russia re-arrests the only Crimean Tatar political prisoner it ever acquitted

The Southern District Military Court in Rostov (Russia) has rearrested Ernes Ametov, almost two years after the Crimean Tatar civic journalist and Crimean Solidarity photographer was acquitted on identical charges by that same court

After destroying Mariupol, Russia offers its victims money but only if they agree to blame Ukraine

The Mariupol city authorities have learned of yet another attempt by Russia to blame Ukraine for the carnage and devastation the world has witnessed Russian inflicting upon the Ukrainian port city

Russian FSB threaten to kill Ukrainian civic journalist and force her into signing blank ‘confessions’

Iryna Danilovych was held incommunicado for 12 days, with the first eight secretly held and placed under massive pressure by the Russian FSB in occupied Crimea


“PEACE lost”– digest of Russian protests (UPDATED)

In order not to be charged for “discreding the Russian Army” people spread photos of their pets and captions saying “PEACE lost. He was kind and fun and didn’t cross our neighbours’ border. He gave comfort and hope. We need our PEACE back”.

International appeal: ‘Let’s not get into the wrong fight! We must support the Ukrainians without thinking twice or holding back’

‘In most of our countries, however, too many people have sided with the Russian dictator. In the name of an anti-imperialism that has turned into passionate hatred over the years, they are applauding anyone who is opposing the West’ – more than eighty writers and academics call on «all those who demand freedom for themselves» to «stand with the Ukrainians.»

Mariupol Moses: A Man Who Took 117 People Out Of The Besieged City On Foot

Oleksiy Symonov is a 44 y. o. charismatic host of various events, sports competitions. He says that the most important thing is communication; it often helped him to not only survive in war Mariupol, but also successfully take his entire shelter out of there.

A resident of Mariupol is telling how she found civilians killed by a sniper

On the second attempt Olena Yakhontova was able to leave Mariupol with her three children. The kindergarten in which she used to work is leveled. Chechens live in her house and give the flats to everyone who wants them.

“I will not fear ZEvil”– digest of Russian protests

In many cities of Russia, the action "Immortal Regiment" was held. Activists brought the signs with photos of their relatives who died in World War II and photo captions: “Grandfathers said: ‘Let there never be a war’”, “They didn’t fight for this”, “They didn’t want to repeat”, “They fought for peace” and others, as well as portraits of Ukrainians who died this year.

The Ukrainian garrison in Mariupol can still be saved: Urgent address to European leaders

Ukrainian human rights defenders, former dissidents and scholars call European leaders to act now

‘The bodies were lying in the street. Broken. Pieces. Blood...’

An architect and artist Halyna Bulgakova left everything in Kharkiv: an apartment, paintings – ready for the exhibition, half-ruined Saltivka houses, which she once designed. The artist came to Lviv only with her grandson. The interview was prepared by Lviv journalist Taras Zozulinsky.

Poster “Christ for peace” discredits the army – digest of Russian protests

Memorial employees Oleg Orlov and Irina Galkova were detained on Red Square. They stood alongside the backdrop of the Victory Day banner with posters “USSR 1945 is a country that defeated fascism. Russia 2022 is a country of victorious fascism” and “Stop killing people! Peace to Ukraine!” In the police department they were charged with two articles at once: violating the procedure for holding a picket and “discrediting the armed forces”.

Oksana Stomina: This is medieval cruelty, multiplied by the modern possibilities and sick, maniacal ambitions

Oksana Stomina is a Mariupol poet and public activist. Today she has to live in Truskavets. Her story is a true document of the day.

‘Mariupol will still be Ukrainian’ – wife of the military

Yulia Beley escaped with children from Mariupol. They lived in the basement, drank rainwater, buried neighbors in the yard. Julia"s husband continues to defend Ukraine from the Russian aggressor.